See, my problem with Peertube is that every single time I've seen a Peertube video embedded, it did not work because the remote instance had stopped responding. Hosting video is expensive and complicated. I'm not sure it would work reliably without financial backing of an instance or more clever distribution of the content. It's difficult I know, but so far I haven't seen a single embed work. And that makes me sad.

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@talon we can't exactly do what megaupload did, as the 'verse would (rightly) balk at that funding model, but it did work.

@feonixrift Right, I know that commercializing is also not exactly ideal. Maybe something like a peertube cluster could work, where a few instances are interlinked and distribute the content among themselves to make it easier to host for individuals? I suppose that most of the instances went down because of storage and the costs that come with that... Possibly bandwidth as well. It's just not easy to stream video at scale. :(

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