This Zenbook has incredible coil whine. And searching on the internet reveals that it's not the only Zenbook that has this. Why did work give me this? It's painful! :( squeeeaaak crackle crackle crackle squeeeaaaak squeeeee crackle crackle aaaak.

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@talon Is that when the internal speaker cables get interference from the rest of the laptop and randomly make annoyance?

@feonixrift I don't even think that it's the speaker for me. The speakers are muted, but I still hear high pitched squeaking and crackling from within the device itself. Capacitors and resonance and all the beautiful things electronics do. Just with this laptop work gave me its incredibly loud.

@talon it can happen with muted speakers if the wires still have power - an old laptop of mine did that so badly I eventually foil-in-electrical-tape wrapped the speaker wires inside it. But I suppose ripping open a work laptop is out of the question.

@feonixrift Yup I can't open this sadly. Maybe I'll just send it back to them and request something else. It's really loud. The sound itself comes from just below the screen rather than the speakers so I suppose it's some component in that area. Still it shouldn't be doing this. :( it's louder than the fan!

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