Another day, another time that Facebook admits to stealing all your data, even supposed encryption in WhatsApp is worth nothing if they download your chats in an unencrypted fashion back to their servers. Stop using their shit. Please! There are alternatives. Get rid of it. Everything. They'll never learn if people don't make them. Please don't use Instagram, don't use WhatsApp, don't use Facebook. It's much worse for you than you might want to imagine.

@talon Telegram is a good alternative to WhatsApp if you want the convenience, by the way.

@sylveon Is MTProto as secure as they claim it is? Have people been able to figure this out yet?

@talon probably not the most secure but its better than telegram. if you're truly paranoid use something like, self hosted xmpp over tor lol

@sylveon Fair enough. I mean I'd love to! Just that nobody will join me :P

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