@espectalll Sorry for the spam but I'm now browsing for federated blogging software and from the featureset maybe this sounds even better? I'm not sure. -- anyway yeah there is a few. I stop now.

@talon don't worry, you're being very helpful! I'm looking at both, thanks!

@talon oh, Rust, Rocket and Diesel! That's a web stack I'm familiar with!

@espectalll Admittedly I haven't really tried getting either of them to run. I only looked at Write Freely's code because I know Go. I always end up wanting to blog and then never do. Maybe should start a podcast instead which is why Plume sounded more interesting to me because I'm not sure if Write Freely let's you share audio. But I'll probably end up not doing either... Hope one of them works for you! :) :)

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