I feel like sharing something so here's yet another unfinished song. Maybe I'll finish it, maybe I won't, but seeing as it's been sitting around for almost 2 years the answer is...probably not. :P

@talon This started out very nicely. Slow piano music, simple, but soothing. I was just about to compliment it and say it's a shame you won't finish it ...
and then it switched over to a completely different genre. :(
The rain ambience doesn't really seem to fit with the music, and the pitched up singing annoys me. Might still be a good song, mind you. Just not the kind of music I listen to.

@Mayana yeah, I get that. I won't finish it though, so that's alright :) just thought I might share it in case someone does and it doesn't just die somewhere deep in a backup somewhere when I switch hard drives.

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