Every day, Mast gets slightly better. It's definitely a lot of work, but it's on the path towards becoming the go-to iOS Mastodon app. If there are any missing things that you believe will help it get there, please let me know!

@JPEG I’m confused. Is it always supposed to open aleph.land? How can I log in to another instance?

@talon What do you mean? Is this the instance you signed up with? You can head to the settings section to add a new account.

@JPEG whenever I tap on one of the tabs it brings me to that instance. I have no idea why. I didn’t even know it existed. If I tap on the profile tab for example it just opens that login page.

@talon Could you show me a video please? And could you try a fresh reinstall to see if that resolves it.


@JPEG oh... I think I know what’s happening. Is there some overlay that voiceover doesn’t see?

@talon Ah thank you! Yes so when selecting the instance (note that the first page is an instance selection screen where there's a text box followed by a table of predefined instances) - it's redirecting to a webpage where you can enter instance login details. But, the VoiceOver prompt in the video seems to go to the done button without entering that and back to the page.

@JPEG yeah all I see on that first screen is an empty list and the navigation tabs. I can record a more thorough video if required

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