That moment when you see a comment on Hackernews describing a problem they'd like fixed that you wrote software for, but you're too self conscious to chime in and say `hey, I made a thing that does this and it's open source you should try it and help me work on it!`

@talon yea i mean they'd probably ask you why you don't sell it or charge for customer support or demand better docs because it's free or

@emsenn Or it doesn't look pretty enough because I literally can't see the user interface I'm building which probably also doesn't help any.

@talon I'll admit that was a reason I hadn't thought of myself, but I can see how that would be embarrassing in a frustrating way!

@emsenn it is. It's paralyzing at times. I should just get over myself but once burned, twice shy. Try to tell myself that it's more about the functionality than how it looks, and dammit it's open source people could help, but people are much quicker to voice their displeasure than take the 5 minutes to do the thing I physically can't. Oh well.

@talon I'm not clever enough to have a solution it sounds like one of those things where until the other side recognizes and agrees to stop being assholes, it doesn't matter what you do.

@talon You should though. Perhaps you'll have made someones headache go away and make your life easier as well if people do decide to contribute to the project.

@pitermach Maybe I'll go back and do it some other time. Or just post it to HN standalone. We'll see.

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