Even after removing remote media from Mastodon, I still have an attachments folder that's over 50gb in size. That...does not sound right.

I feel like I should just nuke the entire folder but I don't want to destroy my local attachments. Welp...

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@Awoo Oh wow. Somehow I did not expect that to make such a big difference. Thanks! I did now.

@talon yeah I'm surpised by how much stuff mastodon stored and looses :/

@Awoo But even after removing everything I'm still well within 50-60gb. Might have to look into moving this thing somewhere with more available storage. Eep!

@talon I'm in the same situation, either rolling my own s3 server or using aws/gcloud for storage

@Awoo yeah... maybe an OVH cloud for me or finding a cheap storage solution and running something like Minio. It's fine for now but soon enough it won't be 😂

@talon I'm probably going to go with minio, I've got servers with storage that just aren't being used

@Awoo I don't anymore. Killed all servers I didn't use much last year and moved most of it onto the "main" one I did use and the rest into my home. Oh well...

@talon looks like I'm going to try OVH cloud, they gave me $150 credit LOL

@Awoo So far I haven't had many problems with them. The few times I did they answered tickets quickly enough for me. And then there's the subbrand Kimsufi which just throw old dedicated server stuff at you for very little... but no support at all except the community forum there. Maybe will try that for some more storage.

@talon I've been using them for years but never touch their cloud offering. I'm usually very platform independant cos outages happen in oz a lot :/

@Awoo seems like a good strategy either way. I only have that one server right now since it's powerful enough to do all I need it for and managing 4 or 5 servers all across different platforms took most of my time at a time when I didn't have enough... but if it dies or goes down I'll be screwed.

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