Happy birthday @Mayana !! I hope a significant amount of your wishes find their way into reality! You're an incredible person, and I don't just say that because you help me run this instance! :dragon_heart: :dragon_happy:

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@darius Thank you! :ms_blue_heart:
(Also, side note, can you confirm that this blue heart shows up right? Gotta be 100 % sure this works.)

@Algot You drew that just for me? That's ... wow, thank you. That's so heartwarming I might die of a heatstroke. :ms_blushing:
@darius @talon


For you alone!

I have to be honest. It is a cake done using Inkscape I have reused on such special occasions.

The "hard" part is remembering the font I used for the heatstroke, please!

@darius @talon

@talon Shame on you for missing the toot I made about this earlier and only realizing now! (Well OK, TBF, it was follower-only)
Nah, just kidding. Thank you, Talon! You're also an incredible person -- but only because you host this instance, and for no other reason at all! Nope! :western_dragon:

@Mayana hey I spent very little time actually looking at fedi today! I was trying to be all productive and that! :dragon_crysmile:

@Mayana OK, sorry, will stop with the emoji. But new and shiny, you understand.

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