I hate the sound of vacuum cleaners. Why isn't this a solved problem?

Or maybe it is and we just don't have the right ones. Still!

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@talon I wear hearing protection whenever I vacuum, the sound is ridiculous

@synthgal Yeah. It's not only super loud, but also very squeaky. There's a very painful high frequency noise in there that I hear in most vacuums and it drives me nuts. And my cats don't like it either. As soon as a vacuum turns on they jump up and run away as fast as they can.

@talon what is your opinion on the sound of sanding

@synthgal using sandpaper on things? Tollerable in short bursts, I suppose. I don't have too much of an opinion on it as I don't get to hear it a lot. I think it also depends on whether or not I'm the person doing it.

@synthgal I'm sure even a vacuum cleaner could be turned into something fun using a DAW or analog module though. But hearing it for hours on end straight out of the thing is just... no thanks! :dragon_grimace:

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