Weird dreams 

Had a weird dream today. Apparently one of my childhood friends got himself a Tesla. Thanks to the assisted driving capabilities I was somehow able to drive it. Things like the wheel turning automatically to stay in the lane, hints about when to break and speed up. Well... sometimes those were hints, sometimes the car just did it. Like it had a mind of its own. It took my inputs into consideration, but didn't always obey. We went places, then I dropped him off back home and asked if I could drive some more since, you know, never been able to drive and all that. Somehow I ended up driving cross country and getting horribly lost. The car thought it would be fun to cut across lanes, spin around madly before I managed to get it back under control. Tried to call him and he went on and on about some insurance or another. Then the car randomly started breaking down and making horrible noises. Then the assisted driving capabilities stopped. And then I woke up. Good morning!


Weird dreams 

It didn't exactly feel like a nightmare but I definitely woke up as if it was. It also felt extremely real. Like I can even now remember exactly how it felt kind of real. Usually those details fade really quickly after waking up but I definitely still remember them very vividly. Odd!

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