The suns rays carefully stretched over the horizon, the winds a whisper over the sounds of the retreating night. "Very soon", they thought. "Very soon, none of this will be audible anymore.". And so it was.
Not even a year later, and the sounds of the night were extinguished. No longer could the creatures of the forest express themselves, singing desperately to try to be heard over the rhythmic thump of the industrial machinery installed not far away. Not that they knew what it was. Not that they cared. They had done this before. Brave souls would stay, but the tired would move on. Like they had so many times before.
"Where do we go?", someone asked. "Is there even a safe space left?".
But they searched and searched and found nothing. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. The comfortable climate turned to fire, turned to ice. Everyone sympathized with a wolf's howl. Nobody had even seen an owl in a long time. Where had they gone?
Slowly but surely the realization was a resounding "no". There were no longer any safe spaces left. Their young would not grow up nourished and strong. They would grow up painfully and slowly adapting to the changes of the world. A world that, by and large, did not want them. Or was it the world? No. No it wasn't. It was those strange creatures. Those that walked upright. Those that made so much noise and collapsed living space after living space.
And so, the birds scouted. Snakes lay in ambush, the cats licking their paws. For they knew it was time to exact revenge. And like a tidal wave it spread. One howl. One scream. Slowly but surely it spread all over the world. And all at once, the entire animal kingdom struck. The bipeds would never know what hit them. They could not win. Not this time.

Long post 

I was told to post this by @bluespacedragon. Never tried this before but we have a long char limit now... Please go easy on me. Ahaha

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