Hey! Maybe someone can help me. I'm trying to find an accessible Gemini client for Windows that supports client certificates. Most of the ones I've tried do not, or are broken, or are not accessible.

@talon elpher runs on Emacs, which can run on windows

@linm I suppose it's time to try to install Emacspeak, if that even works on Windows. Have never used it before, so seems like quite a daunting task just to get a working gemini client. :(

I dont remember the exact address but there's a server that you could acces via putty and use 3 different browsers to browse gemini.
So not the same as your own gemini client (storage of bookmarks etc) but it would work in windows

Put in the host name in putty, port 22.

Voila, 3 different browsers. But they are not yours, so... historic will be shared maybe ?

@lefarfadet Right. So thanks for all this. The main reason why these are probably not what I'll choose is because I'm trying to develop a gemini... er... app? Page? which makes use of client side certificates, so being able to run it locally quickly is a bonus. The AV98Fork seems to work with client side certificates, and Elaho on Mac/iOS can as well. So I might just use them instead.

Color me intrigued, what kind of app would that be ? Trying to authenticate users on an "anonymous by design" protocol ?

@lefarfadet I got inspired by Astro Botany and thought I could make a text based game for Gemini that has some limited community interaction. Similar to the old lotgd games.

@qw145 Both of them are sadly not very accessible with a screen reader. Lagrange is not at all, and Kristall let's me read everything except the page contents. Which... well... I mean... that's a bit of a problem. Haha.

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