I know we love to hate on Apple but oh my gosh the addition of the Eloquence TTS in the new MacOS is such a welcome change. VoiceOver feels so much snappier and faster and more pleasant to use than it ever has. Oh this is beautiful. Please Linux accessibility people please get me excited about a new linux pre-release version as this MacOS beta has. Please! Aaaaa this is beautiful I thought it would never happen

@talon Not fond of Apple except for phones, but adding Eloquence is a huge improvement. I know a few people really dislike Eloquence. I don't care.

@modulux For me it's just the familiarity and the performance of the synth. I really can't tell if they actually did some performance work on VoiceOver itself, but hearing Eloquence feels so right... but also so wrong at the same time, with it being Mac and all. Think I'm just so used to it by now that I hardly have to pay any conscious attention to understand what it's saying even at high speeds. So familiarity plays a huge role I think.

@talon Same for me, I have been Eloquence for almost 25 years and become accustomed to its idiosyncrasies. Plus, it's really light and responsive, and can be sped up while keeping it understandable. I don't mind so much whether it's natural. It just feels flat, like passing pure information into my brain.

@modulux I've been saying this for quite a while, but I much prefer synthetic speech for computer usage. I don't want the extra things like breath, natural intonation, all of that gets in the way. Please be easily understood at high speeds with low artifacts, be very consistent with both intonation but also pronunciation, and be easy on the ears, so a more warm less harsh and grading tone so I can listen to it for a long time. That's what I look for in my daily driver, and so far, very little has come close to beating Eloquence.

@modulux I should probably add, I'm not in any particular camp in regards to what I use. I use what gets the job done for whatever I want to do, and I'm not hesitant to jump ship if something better comes along. But I do love knowing what's happening on all sides of the spectrum and after a lot of neglect it feels like VoiceOver is finally getting a little bit of love again. Just sad that it's happening right around the time they're trying to lock down the OS more and more quickly.

@talon Yeah, I used to try a lot harder to use linux, but given the accessibility disaster it can be... I find it less and less appealing. Mind you, if it got better I'd be delighted to use it more.

@modulux Absolutely. My call for the Linux accessibility crowd wasn't sarcastic. I would love to hear good news and see improvements and as soon as it's possible I'll hop aboard as well.

@talon Have they fixed any of the pronunciation issues in the new beta?

@talon You know how it can't say things like Toolbar? I was on the public beta for a bit and saw that some had been fixed, but I downgraded back to fifteen.

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