Holy shit -gamepadui is a gamechanger for Steam accessibility especially on the Steam Deck! Aaaaa this is amazing! Thanks so much @LavenderPawprints for casually mentioning it, but also I entirely blame you for not being able to put this damn thing down now.

To add to this. If you do need accessibility tools, I have only verified that this works if you install Windows on the poor thing. Make sure your screen reader starts with the OS, and start Steam with -gamepadui on startup. Then do a bunch of things Microsoft really wants you not to do so you can skip the super annoying login prompts (only do this if you know what you're doing since like... you know... you're kinda disabling your login prompt), and boom it's as close to a blind accessible Steam Deck as I can get for now.

Also it makes a whole bunch of noises and I love it when UI's make noise and I'm so :dragon_happy:

I do wonder now if these webview-ish things made it into the actual SteamOS UI? And if we could use something like Orca to read them? Because if we could then Valve might be unintentionally adding blind accessibility to this thing. Or maybe it's intentional? Definitely have to figure this out. If it does read using SteamOS then I'd be more than happy.

@aaron I did, yup. It's the only way it talks for now.

@talon Makes sense. That's unfortunate. How is it not having a keyboard?

@aaron for most games, totally fine. You have two configurable trackpads and a whole bunch of buttons and a gyro, so gaming is not a problem. Plus accessible windows touch keyboard. Or, you know, do it like I do and just keep a bluetooth keyboard nearby. I also have a bluetooth mouse for when I want to go fully docked mode.

@talon I thought the controller exposed itself like a keyboard, so things like joy to key wouldn't work, or is that not the utility people use any more.

@gray Do you know what the Steam Deck is?
If you don't, it's a handheld by Valve that plays Steam games.
By default, this thing isn't accessible, even though a lot of games on Steam are.
But at least on Windows, Valve seems to be playing around with their UI, and one of those updates has made it finally possible to actually use them somewhat well with a screen reader.

@talon "Do you know what the Steam Deck is?", was in the first Thursday batch xD

And I didn't know the UI was now screen reader friendly, that's what I was asking about. Glad it's finally replacing big picture but it's still missing a few options, especially in the configurator

@gray baby steps, I think. Before it was completely horrible, even on Windows. So once it fully works on Windows, maybe we can finally nudge them into making it work on SteamOS as well... if it doesn't already.

@talon Big picture looked.. meh imo but functionality wise it works extremely well. Deck UI has all the menus nested, no 'listen for key' option, no empty binds, and modeshifting was only added like 2 months ago, months after launch :(

@gray Oops, sorry. People ask me what that thing is all the time... Did not mean to assume.

@talon Nah all good mate! My friends are used to me talking about it all the time so they know all about it💀

@talon I can't even log in to Steam to check. Else I'd totally try Telnet the Spire.

I'm tempted to try steamcmd and try it that way, maybe. I need Mod the Spire, Telnet the Spire and then a telnet client. I got the last one and access to the Steam workshop so....

@fastfinge @talon Telnet does yes. Say the Spire, rom all I found, doesn't

Plus it is text based Slay the Spire so who doesn't love a bit of text based roguelike

@fastfinge @celtichawk SayTheSpire? Probably not. Disregard my previous reply. I thought you were talking about the gamepad UI. Ahem

@talon @fastfinge Not got a gamepad to test out Slay the Spire. Somehow, gamepads tend to vanish in my house. That and, you know, animals too

@talon @LavenderPawprints what all do you have in your steam desktop icon? I have somethig there now, but I was told I don't need part of what I have and to use the new one you just talked about.

@jamminjerry @talon My string is as follows:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -gamepadui

@LavenderPawprints @talon that's it? how does yours log in then? that is why I have the username, and password in mine so it can log in.

@jamminjerry @talon You don't need the login details. When you launch it will ask you to log in. You simply do so at that point and get your steamguard thinggy and put it in.

A thing for the nin-sighted individuals. When you alt tab out of the window to get your steam guard key then tab back over, it might act like it's not reading things but it's okay. It throws you in the dit box so just type in your key and press enter and it will log you in. From that point on you won't have to log in again.

Also, don't paste your key, it does not work and will throw up an error, or at least it did me.

Just get your key, atl+tab back over, type the six diget code in then press enter and done. Even if you're not getting any spoken feedback on that screen it still enters your key commands.

@LavenderPawprints @talon oh I turned that guard thing off. it kept pissing me off. smile. it is interesting putting that -gamepadui on the end. when I start steam now, it plays a little musical thing.

@jamminjerry @talon Yup, that's theSteam way of having a boot up screen. Godda stay relavant, right?

@jamminjerry @talon I dig it.

I actually think this is more accessible as a beta than the XBox client for windows. lol

@LavenderPawprints @talon I haven't messed with XBox anything, but I wouldn't mind having one of there systems though.

@jamminjerry @talon I have XBox gamepess on my desktop and of course Steam and too many emmulators to count. My nas and system are mostly full from games, honestly, from just about every system.

But the XBox app isn't all that accessible, and dealing with 3rd party developers and their interfaces is crap, especially EA.

My computer is pretty specked out and even still I've had nothing but problems getting Nvidia to play along with even games from four or five years ago.

Steam is better in this regard, most of the time, Gog is good too, and honestly, we can talk shit all day but pirating content is the best way to go about thing imo unless you're trying to stick with console gaming.

@talon @LavenderPawprints What I want to know is can this new thing help totally blind people use the ? If so, please demonstrate. I wanna know if it'd be a good idea to even consider getting one. Still probably won't since they probably can't run powerful apps like msfs2020.

@rooktallon @talon It can totally help if you're running Windows.

There's another hand held gaming laptop that is better imo that I played with but wasn't the biggest fan of the controller layout. A 3rd party company is in production of making better grips though so I give it a 2nd gen release and it's going to be way better. As is now, it puts the deck to shame.

GPD Gaming Laptop:

@LavenderPawprints @talon Not for over $1000, it doesn't. You're not getting a computer as powerful as the steam deck for cheaper than what they're selling.

@rooktallon @talon Did you look at the link I sent?

Honestly, you're paying for the steam name more than anything.

You get something that has a crappy display, couldn't even be bothered to put OLED in it, they tried to make console gamers switch to Linux because, well because, even as they were marketing this thing for gamers and PCMR types. Seriously, the GDP is a waaaaay better deal, you can throw more ram in it, and I believe it even has room for a secondary SSD.

The steamdeck might be a god buy 2nd gen, but I'm not waisting my money on something with that shitty of a display. I mean it's fucking aweful imo. :)

@rooktallon @talon Oh, and having to like, micromanage things on a game by game basis.

Works good for most steam titles, but the moment you go third party, everything breaks, and we're not going into the nightmare that was retro gaming on that thing.

@rooktallon @talon I think it could be a great little beast, if they adjust some things and keep it on Windows where most games are tried and tested to work.

Don't do away with linux completely, but if anything, make it a user choice.

Sooooo many people bought this thinking it would be a kickasssub to the Switch, even beat it, then they realized they didn't know shit about Linux and gave up an hour after they opened it. Bad marketing strategy for a first gen release.

@LavenderPawprints @rooktallon I disagree. The display is fine especially for how small it is. The GPD's started using a touch based keyboard which isn't accessible, so you would need a Bluetooth one anyway. Not to mention that they apparently took Steam Deck marketing material and user reviews, cut out the Valve name and put theirs instead. All of the GPD Win I had broke fairly early on and weren't Upgradeable either. The battery swole very commonly, the hinges were always a problem, and the chargers blew out the charging circuit... that's how my last one died. The controller is a lot better in my opinion, and it's still a fairly open device. Is it perfect? Hell no. But I definitely don't agree with the violent hate towards it. There are a few more people doing portable pc gaming and those really might be better, but I have a hard time believing that it's GPD. But of course if I'm wrong I'll change my mind. I had two of them and when it comes to build quality, the GPD's aren't even close. Not to mention that once I brought up the keyboard thing they told me that I'm just "simply out of luck". Hurts, but maybe it's a language barrier issue? Still. Ouch.

@LavenderPawprints @rooktallon to be clear I'm not a fanatic. I'll happily switch to whatever is better once it's time to upgrade. And I definitely don't know all the gaming handhelds out there. These are just my experiences.

@devinprater @talon @LavenderPawprints No, I have a computer. Intil I3 running at 2.6ghz, 8 gigs of ddr3 ram and 256 gigs of HDD storage.

@devinprater @LavenderPawprints @rooktallon I do indeed. Had it for about... I'd say half a year? Maybe a bit more?

@talon @LavenderPawprints @rooktallon Oh, interesting. Do you like using it? Does it work with Orca? Oh wait, you said you put Windows on it. Still cool, especially if Windows emulators and such work with the SteamDeck controller.

@devinprater @LavenderPawprints @rooktallon I do enjoy using it. Controller is a bit weird since it's so non-standard. You basically have to add every app you want the controller to work with to Steam, and set the controller options from inside Steam, and launch it from there. It has a bunch of non-standard input mechanisms like Gyroscope and two trackpads which can have a lot of different modes, as well as the actual modal way it works where you can switch what the trackpads or controller in general do with a button press. I haven't tried on Linux yet. I do want to eventually try with the original SteamOS distro but I'm having too much fun with it as it is right now.

@talon @LavenderPawprints @rooktallon Oh my goodness and the vibrations! I'd love to feel that when playing something like Tekken or MK that has pretty good haptics.

@devinprater @LavenderPawprints @rooktallon ah yes. Those are actually super strange, because the part that vibrates are the actual trackpads! You can definitely feel them but they're not as pronounced as you'd get with a real controller. Unless of course you have your fingers on said trackpads.

@talon @LavenderPawprints @rooktallon Awww that's just weird. Why would they do that? Lol that reminds me of playing PS2 games on my Android. It kinda only seems to have one vibration strength, so when I'm powering up in DBZ Tenkaichi 3, it just buzzes quickly, at the same amplitude as everything else.

@fireborn @talon @devinprater @rooktallon The one my friend has is the Max2, 32 gb model.

I went and looked at the pictures to be sure as he's sleeping. lol

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