Holy shit -gamepadui is a gamechanger for Steam accessibility especially on the Steam Deck! Aaaaa this is amazing! Thanks so much @LavenderPawprints for casually mentioning it, but also I entirely blame you for not being able to put this damn thing down now.


Also it makes a whole bunch of noises and I love it when UI's make noise and I'm so :dragon_happy:

I do wonder now if these webview-ish things made it into the actual SteamOS UI? And if we could use something like Orca to read them? Because if we could then Valve might be unintentionally adding blind accessibility to this thing. Or maybe it's intentional? Definitely have to figure this out. If it does read using SteamOS then I'd be more than happy.

@gray Do you know what the Steam Deck is?
If you don't, it's a handheld by Valve that plays Steam games.
By default, this thing isn't accessible, even though a lot of games on Steam are.
But at least on Windows, Valve seems to be playing around with their UI, and one of those updates has made it finally possible to actually use them somewhat well with a screen reader.

@talon "Do you know what the Steam Deck is?", was in the first Thursday batch xD

And I didn't know the UI was now screen reader friendly, that's what I was asking about. Glad it's finally replacing big picture but it's still missing a few options, especially in the configurator

@gray baby steps, I think. Before it was completely horrible, even on Windows. So once it fully works on Windows, maybe we can finally nudge them into making it work on SteamOS as well... if it doesn't already.

@talon Big picture looked.. meh imo but functionality wise it works extremely well. Deck UI has all the menus nested, no 'listen for key' option, no empty binds, and modeshifting was only added like 2 months ago, months after launch :(

@gray Oops, sorry. People ask me what that thing is all the time... Did not mean to assume.

@talon Nah all good mate! My friends are used to me talking about it all the time so they know all about it💀

@talon I can't even log in to Steam to check. Else I'd totally try Telnet the Spire.

I'm tempted to try steamcmd and try it that way, maybe. I need Mod the Spire, Telnet the Spire and then a telnet client. I got the last one and access to the Steam workshop so....

@fastfinge @talon Telnet does yes. Say the Spire, rom all I found, doesn't

Plus it is text based Slay the Spire so who doesn't love a bit of text based roguelike

@fastfinge @celtichawk SayTheSpire? Probably not. Disregard my previous reply. I thought you were talking about the gamepad UI. Ahem

@talon @fastfinge Not got a gamepad to test out Slay the Spire. Somehow, gamepads tend to vanish in my house. That and, you know, animals too

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