Describe! Your! Media!
Describe! Your! Media!
Say it with me!
Describe! Your! Media!

here is some more info, in case you cannot describe your media.
If you need some help captioning your media, you can tag @imagecaptionspls for help.
If your instance federates with them, follow @alt_text to get a friendly reminder in case you forget to caption your media.
If there are bots on other instances that I might not know, reply to this thread and I'll add the information!


Some more information! If you're using the default web client and you'd like to know if the post you're about to boost has image captions at a glance, your instance admin might be able to help with this by adding a little bit of custom CSS, which will display a red border around any undescribed media! Here is an example for this CSS:

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