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Humans: The human body is a complex and amazing thing. So many fragile components working together perfectly to let us live our lives as we evolve and adapt to our environments. Truly an amazing feat of engineering if there really is a god out there

Also humans: why can i bite the inside of my own mouth

This Zenbook has incredible coil whine. And searching on the internet reveals that it's not the only Zenbook that has this. Why did work give me this? It's painful! :( squeeeaaak crackle crackle crackle squeeeaaaak squeeeee crackle crackle aaaak.

So Caddy V2 is completely free. No more licensing crap, just good ol' open source, free software. This makes me very, very happy. Caddy is great and it seems like this is only the beginning.

See, my problem with Peertube is that every single time I've seen a Peertube video embedded, it did not work because the remote instance had stopped responding. Hosting video is expensive and complicated. I'm not sure it would work reliably without financial backing of an instance or more clever distribution of the content. It's difficult I know, but so far I haven't seen a single embed work. And that makes me sad.

Gab and stuff 

Gab and stuff 

I even had to buy another hard drive because all this content is just too much for my poor little 512 GB internal SSD. Music and sound, after video, has to be one of the most space hungry things you can do. :P

@Mayana I can't wait for the orchestral things to download. This is gonna be lots of fun. And distract me from my game. :P

Just got all my Native Instruments stuff in the mail today. My internet is slow so downloading the gigs and gigs of Komplete 12 is going to take ages, but here's a little thing I made with Massive because it finished downloading first!

Let's try an audio upload with one of the hundreds of never-to-be-finished projects in my music ideas folder... :P

Oh my gods oh my gods we have audio uploads! Raaaaa! Thanks @Gargron

Like, I was mostly just connected by cable, so it never concerned me. My phone isn't, but I never really worried about latency there.

I never even bothered to troubleshoot these things until recently

Wow I never knew WiFi was so bad.
Ping from one device on the network to another using WiFi: between 1 and 15 MS
Ping from device to device directly connected via cable: between 0.1 and 0.2 MS.
That's insane. is that even right?

It’s time to move the server to its final destination. And hopefully not mess up the entire network doing so.

So iOS 13 brought tons of new cool accessibility features. Automatic labeling of unlabeled or inaccessible controls. Automatic describing of images. The screen reader got a very significant speed improvement. Hell even the swipe keyboard is accessible now. And that’s just to name a few. Where is all this stuff for Android? Why does nothing much happen there?

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