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Oh my god! Brave more or less works accessibly on Linux! So Chromium is getting there. Maybe Electron apps are next? Squeeeee this makes me happy.

I know that most people on here already don't, but I'd feel really bad not making people aware in any way I can. This is truly awful and needs to stop.

Another day, another time that Facebook admits to stealing all your data, even supposed encryption in WhatsApp is worth nothing if they download your chats in an unencrypted fashion back to their servers. Stop using their shit. Please! There are alternatives. Get rid of it. Everything. They'll never learn if people don't make them. Please don't use Instagram, don't use WhatsApp, don't use Facebook. It's much worse for you than you might want to imagine.

Just threw Linux at the best hardware I have and wow. All the speed complaints I had with assistive tech seem to have mostly resolved itself. Now if only Electron/Chromium apps were accessible... HOpefully a not too far fetched dream?

Heyyy <3 want to help me out with lyrics and vocals on a song? Here's the work-in-progress. If it inspires you and you have lyric ideas and want to sing or know someone that does just let me know and we can figure it out! I'd be honored to work with someone from the fediverse! If not, that's totally fine, too.

Life is too weird sometimes. Strange patterns. Things you can't explain. Unsure what to do with it all.

Not sure why I invest so much into laptops when desktops are ultimately much more fun to use. I don't seem to travel quite as much anymore... maybe it's time to upgrade this thing. Maybe put a new Ryzen™ 7 3700X and some nice 32 gigs of RAM... and a motherboard and SSD upgrade. And maybe a new desk. And some cable management facilities. And a new keyboard. Gah! :(

Next month I will have had this instance running for a year. Time flies so fast. Wow.

My cat told me to pass this very important message along:

Hi from Linux. Sadly, web browsing is still just as slow with Orca and assistive tech as I remember it. :( which is really a shame.

I should just get a SSD, swap out the terribly slow HDD in that thing and see how long it will continue to live.

It's insane how thin laptops are getting. Just found a laptop from 9 or so years ago. It's huge compared to my daily driver! The onyly difference being that my daily probably won't last 10 years while this one still goes strong.

Maybe I need to start working part time and figure out another way to sustain myself by giving to the community and... I dunno.

I have an album I really want to record and produce but I also have so many other projects going and then there's work and ugh a day just really, really doesn't have enough time and god dammit :(

It appears as though every single Monday something is broken with the VPN work uses. Except now the chat is also down heeeelp does this mean I actually need to make phone calls?

One of those mornings where I can hardly keep my eyes open. It's a struggle. Stupid mondays...

todo.txt is a plain text format for todo lists. Clean, easy to work with, ton of editors.

Is there something similar for calenders?

Haven't found anything so far and find a concept like this really appealing.

Web accessibility, rant, need to vent, probably biased or something, don't take at face value 

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