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i typed some stuff into my completely wireless laptop and pressed a button and it propagated what i typed to hundreds of people all around the world. i now occupy a box on your screen and many others. hi.

Somehow just got the feeling that I should probably delete most of the apps on my phone and stop visiting the sites that suck up most of my time like SoundCloud and YouTube. Also kinda wanna run away from technology altogether for a week or two but can't do that alone or I'd go literally insane. And yeah...that's why. That's exactly it, isn't it?

OK time to learn this very easy and definitely humanly playable piano piece! :D

Wanted to take vacation for the rest of the year. Requested last week. HR is on vacation. No vacation for me. Yay!

I also set up my matrix server again. So if you wanna talk and use that... lemme know!

That moment when one of your cats hops onto your chair and now you can’t use it because you don’t have the heart to kick him off

Rightie it's time! Let's move this thing. And hope it doesn't die in a fire!

Either today or tomorrow, if everything goes according to plan, this little instance will move to a new home.

Will people hate and despise me if I say that I actually enjoy writing web apps using Angular and Typescript? :O

Scuttlebutt seems really nice, but I have a feeling that for it to become popular it has to be less convoluted and confusing for the potential end-user who's not a technical genius. It makes sense to those of us who deal with this stuff often, but I'm pretty sure I'd have the hardest time trying to explain it to my mom for example.

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