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Weird dreams 

Had a weird dream today. Apparently one of my childhood friends got himself a Tesla. Thanks to the assisted driving capabilities I was somehow able to drive it. Things like the wheel turning automatically to stay in the lane, hints about when to break and speed up. Well... sometimes those were hints, sometimes the car just did it. Like it had a mind of its own. It took my inputs into consideration, but didn't always obey. We went places, then I dropped him off back home and asked if I could drive some more since, you know, never been able to drive and all that. Somehow I ended up driving cross country and getting horribly lost. The car thought it would be fun to cut across lanes, spin around madly before I managed to get it back under control. Tried to call him and he went on and on about some insurance or another. Then the car randomly started breaking down and making horrible noises. Then the assisted driving capabilities stopped. And then I woke up. Good morning!

Digital Music Creation, Software, Rant 

Anyway I spent $100 on some new stuff and spent most of today trying to get it to work. I still haven't. I'm probably about to just give up. Maybe for today, maybe I'll refund. I honestly don't even know anymore. I didn't level my patience stat high enough for this.

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Digital Music Creation, Software, Rant 

Oh and don't even get me started with their whole DRM crap. Create an account here. Create an account there. Download this downloader. Download that downloader. Install this license manager. Install that license manager. Use this license download manager downloader manager utility application downloader manager. This is such a mess. This whole thing. It's all so awful. iLok. Pulse. Native Access. All horrible. This is so incredibly broken it's not even funny anymore. It makes me want to cry and laugh and cry and laugh at the absurdity of it all. It's just truly impressive that people think this is OK. Oh it isn't. It's far from OK. I just do not have the words to express how not OK this is.

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Digital Music Creation, Software, Rant 

Native Instruments makes some of the absolute worst software on the planet. Komplete Kontrol is such unbelievable garbage it's incredible. Do they ever actually use this? Does anybody even test this stuff and will it ever get fixed? Things not showing up, things showing up but not loading, every single time I add something to Kontakt or Komplete something goes wrong. Every! Single! Time! It's always a struggle. Native Access is no better. Seriously I just dont' understand how it's even possible to create software that works as badly as this whole suite. It's almost like they design it like this. It's almost like they intentionally ruin this whole thing. Figure out how to make it as frustrating as possible. There wasn't a single time I set out to do something and it just worked. Sure, the plugins themselves are OK. They work. But anything to do with managing them? Installing, configuring, setting it up... I just cannot understand.

Got some new software instruments last night! Or, more specifically, a new software guitar. And I still don't know what I'm doing halp

I can't really put a finger on why, but for some reason runtime reflection in programming languages makes me feel slightly uneasy in the back of my mind. It feels like it's both cheating, but it should also be perfectly natural somehow. But it's neither. But at the same time it's also both.
Compile time reflection? Perfectly fine. Makes total sense.
Runtime reflection? Weirds me out every time I use it or see it used. Just that tiny little bit.

So Microsoft Teams, the app, used to have this issue where arrowing through the message list with a screen reader would interupt the message it's currently reading with the word "Menu", effectively making reading messages impossible. You used to be able to get around this by just using the web version of Teams, but you guessed it, it now too does this. I just wanna cry.

OK so yes, there are no algorithms that dictate what you can and can't see.
But that still doesn't mean that scrolling fedi isn't very addicting.
So I guess that means I actually have to close it. And keep it closed. I can't just keep it up in the background. Because then I find myself mindlessly scrolling through the thing.
Sorry. I tried!

My GPD Win II broke earlier this year, and I can't use the new ones. I'm tempted to grab a Steam Deck though.
Also... Really Valve? Steam Deck?

I didn't want to have to go back to GitLab, but it appears as though Gitea is leaving me no choice. Unless someone has a better idea for a nice version control system that doesn't actively try to stop me from using it...

I got jabbed today! Does this mean I have an excuse not to work tomorrow?

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I get jabbed today! Somehow I thought it would both go quicker but also take longer at the same time to get an appointment... :dragon_think:

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You know that Dino you can play in Chromium browsers if your internet is dying? Someone on the audio games forum discovered it's blind accessible now. If you go to chrome://dino and focus the "application" with your screen reader you'll get beeps to tell you when to jump.

And let's not even talk about code. A natural voice reading code is just... it just doesn't work. It just feels totally wrong. I need to navigate through code very fast. Not only do AI voices have quite a bit of latency, but if I'm quickly scrolling through a file I'm listening to the actual words just as much as I'm listening for familiar sequences of sounds. AI based TTS don't have that because things are ever so slightly different.
This also means that cloud anything is absolutely out. If you're making web requests to get your screen reader to speak then stop right now. I won't use it, you wouldn't use it, nobody would use it. I guess Apple can do this on their new devices because of the M1 platform, but even there you can absolutely feel the delay between pressing the key and the voice reacting to what you've done. The simpler the tts, the faster the response time, the happier I am.

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I much prefer very algorithmic, synthetic speech for this. Not only is it very predictable in how it pronounces things, but it also speeds up much more. If you speed up, for example, Google's Wavenet voices, they start slurring words. This is obviously no good at all. It's authentic, sure, but it's annoying to me. I'm happy to use AI speech, for example the Siri voices that come with the new MacOS, if I'm reading something longer like a book, story and so on. But for every day use? No thanks. I think it's important that we don't get too carried away here. If I had the choice, I would choose a non natural voice. And that by quite a big margin. Here's your fun fact of the day!

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I'm happy that we're getting more and more lifelike text to speech voices using AI, but here's something you might not know. These AI based text to speech voices can be unpredictable. It's not that they say things wrong or mispronounce any more than other speech synths do, but what definitely does happen is that it does not say the same string of text the same way twice. It might change the intonation, or even sometimes the speed of certain syllables from utteration to utteration. I use my screen reader with the speed very, very fast. Often I don't pay conscious attention to exactly what words are spoken because I've gotten so used to the text to speech voices that I use that my brain does this subconsciously. They have certain patterns that I can recognize and this tells me what the synth just said without having to understand every single syllable or word. This is important for reading short texts like names of buttons, window titles, web addresses, messages, usernames, etc.

Time Machine says backup is 100 percent complete. OK, but then why is it still going? It's been at 100% 5 GB ago... Oh... Oh I get it. It's THAT kind of 100%!

Brutal Bass Drop 

In today's edition of very loud wtf are you doing, I turned a tiny, unassuming pew pew laser noise into... these aggressive bass noises.

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let's play Cycle Path, a game in which you're on a bike and need to avoid other cars, collect cash and jump ramps, all without seeing the screen! Game by @talon with sound design by yours truly.

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