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Why do CSS and JavaScript constantly get updates and additions but I hardly see anything done with HTML? Am I missing something here?

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(Plus I bet it's really hot to write them. I have no idea though, I've never posted those kinds of photos. But it sounds like it'd be really fun to think about how to describe something so intense. It's not necessarily a boring chore we're asking for, you know?)

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Heck yeah, kinky photos should have image descriptions too. Disabled people are often de-sexualized (it's part of infantalizing us), but a lot of us are goddam perverts. Help us out. ;)

Like most of the demonstrations for Talon will show you how to program but I've seen some insane things. I've seen people do drawing, 3d modeling, even video and audio editing. It's crazy. I want some of this.

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#BlackFriday is a trap.

It is designed to push your buttons and trigger your FOMO.

The idea is to make you buy more than you need, to keep enriching the already wealthy at the expense of our wounded planet.

You are so much more than a consumer.
Say No.
Exercise your willpower.
Buy Nothing.


I'm often amazed when I see the things people can achieve using something like Talon Voice and I wonder how feasible that would be with a screen reader. Has anyone ever tried? I feel like I should try. The things I worry about is stuff like how easy is it to know what you're doing when you can't see the screen and where you are. Like I press buttons for that exact thing. I could probably program commands for Talon to tell me but how impractical would that make things? Also I'm not at all biased because I love the name nope nope

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No time, no time!
To read nor write,
Relax nor rhyme!

I spend and spend
The minutes that tend
To not be here,
But still I spend
The moments dear.

Part need, part choice.
The things to do
Pile up and up
As Satan's voice
Cries: "I've two
More tasks for you!"
At every second.

Stress is always
With me these days.
It wears me out.
I should do my maths,
But stress instead.
I should go to bed,
But scroll trough Mastodon.
Once again, time is gone.

Forever drowning,
Deeper and deeper.
The way up
Becoming steeper
All the time, it seems.
Still deeper
I get, thinking
I completely drowned.
Though the ground
Keeps descending

Always seeking,
Rarely finding,
Any kind of grip
To rise again.
Alas, every inch
That I do gain,
Is one of vain.

My conception of time
Can be seen as a wave
That is coming to shore
In a land where the grave
And the stern see a darkness
Which nears evermore.

What is this?
It looks like
A drop of Time.
Next moment
A lightning strike
The myst'rous bubble
Which smells of Thyme.

I am blinded
By the sudden
Burst of light.
I'm full of fright;
Anxious that bad
Tidings might
Not be over yet.

I seem to rise.
Again I tumble.
Though, to my surprise,
Not as deep down
As to hear the cries
Of creatures in Hell.

Still down I am,
When a gentle hand
Helps me up, and
Makes me feel
Gay again.
Is this real?
Yes, I am
Finally rising
To normal levels.

Is a new balance,
A healthier one,
Coming to me?
If so, I thank thee,
My dear, for thou
Art my new sun.

We have a lot
To figure out.
We don't know what
The future may bring.
Will we see hot,
Tragic debates? Or
Will all we got
Turn out to be more
Than we expect?

We will see.
At least there is
A brighter future
Now I am with thee,
My dear.
We now have
Each other
In times of fear.

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I really, really wish you could use "content warnings" as a possible filter context. If someone takes the time to put "sports", "politics", "religion", "NSFW" ETC in the CW field, it makes sense that I should be able to filter posts with CW's that contain that word, rather than only being able to hide posts that contain the word anywhere in the entire thing.
This would be a fantastic feature to have!

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A tip for my and peeps, and anyone else who needs /
You can reply to a post without any image description with the "alt4me" hashtag and with post privacy set to public for best results, requesting that the community help out with a description for you! It's awesome!
Please don't over use this option, and make sure to thank those who help out!
And if any of you awesome fedi folks want to lend a hand with this, please feel free to follow that hashtag! It's super appreciated, especially with the influx of new users who aren't adding it them selves yet. :)

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online communities and trust 

we're at another point in the history of the fediverse where things are hard and complicated. the explosive growth that's resulted from the upheaval at twitter has brought new issues to the forefront while we're still trying to come to terms with the old, unresolved issues.

I'm talking with the "we" word again, and that's going to make writing this harder this time, rather than easier.

for a long while, some folk have spoken about the "fediverse community" or the "fediverse culture" and while it glossed over some of the finer points it was a useful framing for discussing issues that cut across the concerns of individual people in the fediverse or individual instances in the fediverse.

but we (see? hard) have known that we were intentionally limiting the scope of that conversation in order to not have to call out every exception, complication, and contradiction involved in what we were trying to say.

it got us here.

but now, as the population of this former void grows to millions of people instead of thousands, I'm pretty sure the concept of a singular "fediverse" is no longer helpful to the conversations that need to be had.

it was never truly a single fediverse. it's always been a messy venn diagram of fediverses.

the fact is that this virtual space is occupied by innumerable individual people who self-connect as part of one or more of the innumerable individual communities that make this exist.

uncomfortably, the needs and wants of these people and communities are often in opposition.

people who have the need to feel safe and protected by agents of oppressive governmental and/or institutional organizations are not going to be placated by statements about those orgs' representatives being "some of the good ones". that does nothing to address a history of violent confrontation and criminalization of those people's very existence.

there's not middle ground to be had there, folks - you cannot compromise away an existential threat, even if you think that threat is being blown out of proportion.

choices will need to be made. sometimes uncomfortable choices. and sometimes the choices one person or community group makes will seem extreme, an outsized reaction to the input provided. those same choices will be seen by some others as a strong and clear message about what is or is not acceptable to that person/community.

and ultimately it's all about trust. trust that one will be safe.

please listen to people when they have concerns about being able to trust. rarely is trust removed without there being a long history of events that eroded or destroyed the trust that may have previously held sway. it's almost impossible to rebuild trust in meaningful ways across large numbers of people once it has been violated, and the more violent the violation the less likely it is that the trust can be repaired.

at the same time, I would ask that each of us take the time to remember that communities are made up of individual whole people, each of whom brings their very own complexities to any situation. we are all at different places in our lives. some people have not learned the lessons you may have. some people have learned entirely different lessons that seem contradictory to your learnings.

we're complicated.

take the actions you need to take to keep you and your communities safe and well. maybe also consider that communities who make choices other than yours are doing likewise and have different needs in terms of safety. the human condition is a spectrum of spectrums and it defies easy reduction into simpler terms.

maybe we all need to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable sometimes.

I don't have a lot else to say on the topic du jour. my personal feelings about the issue and any action I feel I need to take is my responsibility. I hope each of you and your communities find a stance that you feel good about in relation to your needs.


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To all my #blind #Mac #VoiceOver users, I made a demo that I hope some here may find beneficial. Please do share if you feel like it. Why Turning Off VoiceOver Cursor Tracking can be Really Useful:

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"I struggle to understand how humans can communicate," the alien said.
"Yet you phrased that perfectly."
"Your words have no intrinsic meaning?"
"Correct. It's all by consensus."
"So if enough people are 'wrong', they become right?"
"For better or worse, that's human history."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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rant: disability stock image 

Look at this page:

This is a great example of how far we're still away from actual inclusion. 🤦‍♀️

It's about "inclusive" school in Berlin. At the top is a big image - an image that doesn't even have proper alt text, but the alt text only names the image source.

The picture shows three kids (maybe about 8 years old) in a classroom, all busy writing something.
The two kids in the back are a white girl and a white(?) boy. That boy is sitting on a chair that is too low for him respectively at a table that is too high, which already makes this image a shitty example for inclusion. Can someone please take care of this kid's needs?

The kid in the front is black and sits in a wheelchair. Because, right, the only way to represent disabled people that non-disabled people can think of is a wheelchair. 🤷‍♂️
Very obviously though, this is not the boy's own wheelchair (at least that's what I hope for him 😉), as it is not customized in any way, but just some very generic wheelchair model.

So I guess, the photographer was like "Hey kids, we need a picture that represents diversity, can one of you please sit in this wheelchair? Oh yeah, you over there, black AND in a wheelchair, that's perfect!!"

This page is so symptomatic of how people "mean well" but fuck it up completely. 🙄

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My favourite iOS Mastodon client @tootapp has re-entered active development.

The author is working towards implementing missing support for certain Mastodon 3.5 and 4.0 features.


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So there's a way to get the Steam app to play nice with screen readers.

Go to your desktop and highlight your Steam icon. Open your applications menu, go to properties and add -gamepadui to the end of the string. Make sure there's a space between the quote marker and the dash or it won't work.

You might have to login again, but this throws the app into a beta of the Steam Deck UI which fuck me sideways is very NVDA friendly. There's some bugs here and there, but this is lightyears better than what we had to deal with before.

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14 users remain in the initial registration round for my instance. If you'd like to join, visit

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@talon Universal accessibility is a concept that makes me excited for the future, and reading this and realizing that there are still people who care and want to do better makes me unending amounts of happy. The day I don't have to run up and down to borrow someone's eyes is a day I'd really appreciate seeing. Making web accessibilitty a thing in 3rd world countries is another part of accessibility that just needs to be prioritized though. The fact that I can't use a government website without semi-regular assistance isn't exactly incredible. One step at a time though. maybe I'm naive to believe that things will slowly start changing, but ultimately growth and progress in any way is important to me.

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Today's the day I start testing and fixing the accessibility of the new features in Coppice. Should be fun as they're non-trivial to do.

Join me over at if you want to see how I do it, give feedback, or just chat

#twitch #macdev #swift #accessibility

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You may not have the power to personally right the wrongs of the world around you, to correct the mistakes of your ancestors, to atone for the miscarriages of the society that shaped you. But you can fight to do better, to add your voice to a larger chorus, to make things right.

Last week I held a presentation at $work about . My initial thoughts were that not much would actually happen. But since then, every time something unusual comes up, someone will walk up to me or message me and ask how it should be implemented with accessibility in mind and this makes me so incredibly happy. It's such a small thing but I've had many interesting conversations with people since then and it warms my heart. Spreading awareness really does help, and if you're working on anything at all it never hurts to ask someone that knows! Whether it's an accessibility person at work or even just me on the fediverse in a mention or DM!
So if you're working on an , or even a / feel free to ask for help! And if you want to talk about your and how to make it accessible, I'd be more than happy to chat!

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