Blind Drive 

Just watched a playthrough of Blind Drive. Love this audio game.

Sometimes #accessibility takes on meanings I didn’t even consider. For example, in this article, the author notes how the silent taps of the Apple Watch were far better for her due to having an extreme sensitivity to sound. Very awesome read!

Now I'd like to give people the option to financially support #WriteFreely without having to pay for a subscription. So today I'm launching an Open Collective page for anyone who would like to support the project.

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Since a recent update, Bookwyrm can also import books from @inventaire to diversify the search results a bit. Other book sources are as well as other Bookwyrm instances, but you can also create books and editions in Bookwyrm itself. More connected sources are planned, stay tuned!

#Bookwyrm #Inventaire #OpenLibrary

Do you want to run your own little corner of the #Fediverse, but you don't have the technical knowledge to install and maintain a server?

A managed hosting company can handle all the technical stuff while you run the instance.

The most popular and longest-running managed hosting service for #Mastodon is @mastohost at:

Another popular managed hosting service is Spacebear, who offer instances for Mastodon, #PixelFed, #PeerTube and #HomeTown:

New blog post about publishing and mental health 

Upon my return from my makeshift writers retreat, I take a harder look at social media and how it is effecting my mental health.

This isn't strictly related to the Fediverse, but if you're interested in decentralised social media you might want to try the peer-to-peer @manyver_se at:

It doesn't have any servers, users connect directly to each other, and store personal data on their computer or phone.

It's part of the Scuttlebutt network, and is an attempt to make it more user friendly for non-technical people.

#Manyverse #Scuttlebutt #SSB

You can now privately comment / reply to this blog via email, thanks to our... 

You can now privately comment / reply to this blog via email, thanks to our very first bit of functionality, launched today. If you’re an email subscriber, go ahead and give it a shot! Otherwise, now is a great time to subscribe to email updates:

Hey folks! Anyone want to hear what sound like? @PG13 are doing a stream of No Video Jam 2! Join in here:
And if you don't know what the No Video Jam 2 even is, you can read all about it here:

I wrote about why I left Patreon for a cooperative called including the very inclusive initial interview I had with 2 NB founders

#Gemreader is a #feed reader for the Geminispace. It can read Atom, #RSS , and #Gemini feeds from both Gemini and web (HTTP) sources

Demo: gemini://

Putting the Pieces Together 

Something I’ve been thinking lately: perhaps it’s time to move to higher-level applications in our suite. I’m basically thinking our *.as and *Freely apps make sense as highly generic tools fit for a wide range of uses, and then we can offer another layer of more specialized apps on top of them.

I’m already imagining some more complex and specialized tools that fall outside the scope of our individual “small, focused apps”: we could combine,,, and into an end-to-end professional publishing platform. We could combine,, and into a general social space; and could form a more visual social space; or and could combine to serve special collaborative spaces, e.g. writing groups or small teams.

The problems with this design lie mostly in branding, product communication, and mobility between products.

We need to clearly define who our generic tools are for (maybe = individual writers), and who are more complex tools are for (e.g. Pro Pub Platform = publications). We need to make sure there isn’t too much overlap between the products (Oops, I chose the Pro Pub Platform when I just need something simple). And we need to make sure our platform can grow and change with users throughout their creative life — from first getting their ideas out there, to building an audience, to doing their work professionally.

We’re working out the details of this last part now, mostly between and Today, someone can choose to start with alone, and later connect it to, if they want. Functionality between the services is currently combined, which certainly makes the experience heavier, but in the near future they’ll be separate, where it makes sense.

Working in the opposite direction, we built completely separate from, making it so users had to go between the apps to e.g. upload photos and then include them in their blog posts. This is conducive to developing into its own product, but it adds unnecessary friction for cross-product use cases like this one that we want to support. So, for example, we recently added image uploads into, powered by

These questions will still take plenty of experimentation over the long term to work out. But it’s my hope that, in the end, we’ll have a collection of creative tools that fit all kinds of work on the web, across all periods of your creative career.

#design #musing

#Librarians friends of the Fediverse, I am looking for interesting newsletters or RSS feeds about libraries I could follow. Could you help me?

Mostly around:

#library and #librarianship in general, #archives are an interest too, physical and digital sides both
All things #public #library
#cataloguing in all its form
#games library, in particular #boardgame library

Mainly EN and FR, but feel free to point to stuff in other languages, I will check it out, thanks to the miracle of today’s internet translators.


Amis #bibliothécaires du Fédiverse, je suis à la recherche d’infolettres ou de flux RSS intéressant à propos des bibliothèques que je pourrais suivre. Pouvez-vous m’aider?

Principalement autour de :

#bibliothèques et travail de #bibliothécaires en général, les #archives m’intéressent également, tant les aspects physiques et numériques
Tout autour des #bibliothèques #publiques
#Catalogage sous toutes ses formes

Principalement EN et FR, mais je jetterai un œil à des choses en d’autres langues aussi grâce aux miracles des traducteurs en ligne d’aujourd’hui.


Free Idea for the publishing industry:

Stop making hardcover the first release. 20+ dollars for a book, especially when it's a debut author is asking a lot.

Make it a cheaper soft-cover first, and Then when the book has proven itself (or like it's the anniversary or something) release the hardback.

I think of hardbacks more as items to collect, not as something I take a chance on, you know?

Oh I noticed a cool feature on #StoryGraph that I haven't tried.

in the recommendations you can tell it not to recommend you a specific book or a specific author.

So yes, if you find out an author is a TERF, you could theoretically filter them out.

✔ Periodic overview of recently added #ActivityPub projects

Catcast D - a federated video live streaming platform #TypeScript
Ktistec - a single-user ActivityPub server with minimal dependencies #Crystal
Lectrn - a free, decentralized, open, and easy to use social network for humans

MXToot - a #Matrix - Mastodon bot written in #Java
Libervia - an XMPP-AP gateway doubled with #XMPP Pubsub end-to-end encryption
FediHealth - software to help you define federation policies for your node

For all projects visit:
Apps / Watchlist
Developer resources / Watchlist

developers: man it really seems like software has been going downhill for the last 15 years


developers: it just feels like there is no end to the bullshit


developers: why is everything so buggy and resource intensive


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