Gemini question 

Hello Fediverse friends! My Gemini question has to deal with links. On some Gemlogs, I see inline links, like how an HTML document would display them, but when I visit my own, HTTP website, in a Gemini browser, all my links are like numbered footnotes. Is there a way to make inline links at all with Gemini?

Gemini question 

@weirdwriter What's the address of your capsule?

Gemini question 

@josias I didn't make one yet, but I was reading my HTTP website through a Gemini browser and was wondering if there was a way to do inline links so I can start a gemlog?

Gemini question 

@weirdwriter In Gemini you can't do anything inline. Each line is rendered as a whole depending on the first couple of characters.

This is an example of a gemtext document:

# My document

Some text. This is a paragraph.
=> gemini:// Link
Some more text. Another paragraph.
Links cannot be inline with other text. So this won't work:

More info here:

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