I love how everybody shits on SMS but is, essentially, a protocol that works everywhere and is completely device independent and cross platform. Give me SMS over yet another centralized app I have to download, again.

Privacy is something we value more nowadays which gives a bad rep for the SMS. It however is perfect at what is was designed to do. I am yet to see some digital messaging service that is more reliable than SMS.

@murtezayesil indeed! You hit the nail on the head. I was thinking about it because I had tons of people asking me if I could create a WhatsApp so we could send text messages to each other. Maybe I am out of touch, but that seemed ridiculous to me when we already have a decentralized network of communication that is also cross platform

@weirdwriter the kicker is that SMS is not encrypted by default.

Give a means for two arbitrary nodes to handshake and confirm they’ve got the same keys, and then run every SMS through that key pair. E2EE over a cheap and simple decentralized network.

The other question of it being connectivity… I can always find WiFi. Even if I don’t have a cell signal. So if WA uses data/WiFi and not GSM.. guess which seems more “reliable” when you’re traveling beyond your normal reception areas?


Yeah, there are places I don't get cell signal, but a) they also have no wifi at all b) they are much more rare than places without *open* WiFi


@weirdwriter @murtezayesil

https://silence.im is the answer to the lack of security of SMS/MMS ... but only if you have unlimited text messages.

IIRC sms was never designed, it was just something unused in another protocol, wasn't it?

@musicmatze @murtezayesil @weirdwriter It was specified as a GSM standard, but it was designed to use leftover space in the main telephony system. Like shoving messages into space between packets. That's why SMS is so limited in character length

@0orpheus @musicmatze @murtezayesil in truth though, how many characters do you use in a discord message for example? I’ve never had a problem with character limit with my SMS

@weirdwriter @musicmatze @murtezayesil Looking at my most recent SMS messages, I go over 160 characters pretty often. Ballpark 70% of the time, and that's when I'm talking to people where the "style" is to send multiple shorter messages. I definitely recall the character limit being a pain back in the day when each individual message cost money.
But I don't want to argue against SMS's effectiveness at what it does, just wanted to mention how it is (quite cleverly) implemented using the free space in another system

Individual messages still cost money if you have a plan that works like this (i do, for example)
@weirdwriter @murtezayesil

@murtezayesil @weirdwriter Eh, sms is everything but reliable, try sending a text message on new years eve!
And then sms is imho just a cheap way how telcos wanted to make money: by charging you for repurposing a bunch of unused bytes in GSM handshakes.

Well, at least in my experience, SMS gets prohibitively expensive when it comes to regular contact with people abroad. It's cheaper to concede to a Whatsapp and a WeChat and a Skype and a...

@machado so then a Delta Chat like app needs to be created for SMS, if that is even possible.

@weirdwriter email? SMS never arrive here for some reason, or they can get hours or days late...

@dimpase oh yes, I love email more than SMS. In fact, that is why I love Delta Chat so much

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