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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the dragonscave.space moderators.

  1. Prove you Read the Rules: Your application must include the CONFIRMATION PASSWORD at the end of the full Etiquette. Applications without it will be rejected unless sufficiently detailed.
  2. Be Decent: Do not insult, doxx or harass. Do not spread conspiracy theories and misinformation.
  3. Be Sentient: Do not create bot or brand accounts without permission.
  4. Be Active: Crossposting is only allowed if you regularly check your account.
  5. Be Lawful: No content illegal in Germany, no sexual content without content warnings, no sexual content involving animals, minors, or sexual assault.
  6. Be Mindful: Respect the needs of other users. Use content warnings and describe your media.
  7. You should still read the full etiquette on this instance's website. These rules are merely a summary.
  8. The password to add to your application is: Confelicity.