Religion in special holiday 

Hello. I wanted to come by and tell you all a story. About 10 years ago I met a little girl and her father at church. They came up to me and they began talking to me because the father wanted to introduce his daughter to me. I began talking with her that Sunday and four the next few years after that. She would come and talk to me about things that she was going through at school, and up until I met her, nobody really talked to me for a long period of time at church. But this kid did. She started telling me and everyone who would listen that I was her sister. And then, gradually, her whole family started treating me like I was a part of them. Eventually, I started going to their house. And as I celebrate this day of giving. Thanks, I am here with them. They welcomed me with open arms, and I am so happy to be here with them today. Big hugs to everyone and I hope you all enjoy today with your family and friends.

I’m not here to question anybody’s relationship with the most high God… But I really do feel that it’s difficult to listen to people speak in tongues and pray, knowing that they know that they have hurt people and aren’t willing to apologize or do what it takes to make things right. The Lord convicts me, as he does all of his children. I just don’t get it. If we all say that, we love the Lord, and want to do what it takes to please him, why can’t we do it takes to get along with each other. We’re all trying to get to the same place. So why not help each other along the way and not hurt each other?’llProbablyNeverGetAnAnswer.

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you know? I haven’t met a single person on this platform that I didn’t want to get to know :-) I have a question. How do you make sure that your toots are going to everyone and not just on dragon cave?

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@Camillianna Same, I struggle a lot with math. Mental math, fine. Long, complicated math? Get out with that.

I am about to fucking lose, my, shit… I just found Oswald on Paramount plus

If you don’t have , you should. I just found Blues clues, the old blues clues, ’sMeSteve I could cry right now lol

I know right? Mine too. There are a few others :-) I am canceling my Hulu subscription right now.

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Why didn’t anyone tell me that my life as a teenage robot was on Paramount plus? Lol. I used to love that show growing up.

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Long post, random thoughts. 

Some days I feel amazing, and like I can handle anything the universe puts me through. I feel strong and powerful.
Other days, I feel so vulnerable and fragile, and like my emotions can and will break at any moment. I feel like the world is so so complex and I feel small.
Still other days I feel like I hate the world, everything in it, and just want to destroy the world because it's so frustrating and cruel.
But I always keep trying my best, and I think that's the important part.
To anyone out there struggling, please just know that you matter. Someone in this world loves and cares about you, needs you, and would struggle without you. You have a purpose. You matter.
However, your struggles are completely valid, too. Don't let anyone invalidate you and/or the things you struggle with. Everyone has their own unique set of challenges. I feel like there's a lot of invalidation and dismissal of people in society, and I hate seeing that. Some people function differently. Some people have needs. It's important to recognize these things and help those people, not dismiss and invalidate them.
Anyone is welcome here on my profile. So long as you're a genuine good person, you're always welcome here. This is a safe place for anyone, regardless of identity, gender, race, ETC.

I know that it’s better that someone talks about you to your face rather than behind your back because you then know how to move when it comes to certain people, but on the flip side, knowing what mean things people think can hurt, and all this bullshit about words can never hurt… somebody lied, because people making insensative comments to you and you just have to suck it up and deal with it, accept a half ass apology, have people tell you to get over it, or the, “Oh try to see it this way.” Or, “Well you have to forgive and move on.” Or, “It’s not what they say, it’s how you take it.” When if the person talks about me to someone else, and nobody tells me, I can avoid all that shit. I know that in the grand scheme of things it’s not logical and it’s better for me to know, but sometimes, I’d rather not, most, times, I’d rather not. Goodnight, I’m gonna go watch spongebob and go to sleep now.

Listen to me sing "When I Was Your Man - when i was your man when i was your man when" on Smule:

What I was trying to say versus what Siri wanted me to say… What I wanted to say-
Ohh my goodness, you are going to have such a year according to Facebook. What Siri wanted me to say- Oh my goodness… What are you? Are you sure I have a coin to Facebook… I just don’t understand, how in the world did it think that was what I said… I said everything as clear as I could possibly get it

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