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Watched the documentary “Rammstein in Amerika” last night. It’s about the history of the band and their journey in the US that culminates in selling out Madison Square Garden in 20 minutes in 2010 and delivering a blistering, earthshaking performance. Just amazing. What a bunch of lovable badasses. 🔥🔥🔥

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I'm here to get away from politics. If I want political news I will seek it out somewhere else, which I do. Here though, I just want to have fun and be a degenerate in peace. As a certain confused professor once said, "There's a time and place for everything!"

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@Amused_Moosey you start as an 'in case' refugee from the Bad Place and stay for the art, the creative talent and the civilised, informed exchange of ideas.

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Forever a guitar legend: Jimi Hendrix

On what would have been his 80th birthday, Jimi Hendrix is still regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. In four short years he transcended boundaries and revolutionized popular music.


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How often do you look at the federated feed? Please boost so I can get more answers

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Marley: On this night you will be visited by three ghosts.

Scrooge: Christmas past, present, and future, I remember the drill.

Marley: No, you fucked up bad this year. It's the gunshot kid from Sixth Sense, the preacher from Poltergeist 2, and the bathtub lady from the Shining.

Poetry Thread. 

A moment in time
From whispers to end
This feeling of mine
Feels like it could do me in
Pain for the ghost
Same to you my friend
Faint as the breeze
Gone like the days of then

Your face in the glass
Realizing the road has end
Facing a past
Remembering all that’s been
I can’t look and see
Not for the trembling
Secrets become light
Just ripe for the listening

Drinking in smiles
Counting all the steps taken
Love like a child
Lost like an empty win
Feelings so old
Healing Should now begin
Nothing so bold
Fragile as the connection is

A hand in a hand
Scribbling tales from a clock
Constantly damned
Shivering from all these thoughts
A moment in time
From whispers in the winds
Scribbling lines
Pages from a stories end

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Poetry Thread. 

Words are meaningless
Spoken from ages past
Completely empty is this
Thing locked behind an iron mask
Shades of grey have become this souls color
Never relating
Incomplete things created for the warmth of another
Painted in teers
Permanently fixed by fear
Save this, an experience of a fracturing form given to sinful and unforgiveable loss

Thinking about creating a thread for dark poetry but not sure how the masses would feel about it, even with content warnings.

None of my poetry save for a few very particular pieces have ever been happy or joyful.

A thread of concerts, music and other such random musical things. 

Next, we have one of my personal favorite goth love metal bands of all time, HIM.

This is a band that I was fortunate enough to really get into many many years ago before the album Dark Light was released and sucked in a whole legion of new followers, and even before the MTV reality show, Viva La Bam, would bring HIM to the attention of the mainstream.

High school was rough, and though my skinny emo ass loved My Chemical Romance and some of the other bands of the time, HIM was always that go to band for me; A band that mixed concepts like love and death and the impermanence of the heart.

In honor of Ville Valo stating that a reunion isn't off the table for the future, I went digging to see if I could find any good performances and wouldn't you know, there are a few. Thus, I bring you this concert DVD from the year of 2008 called "Digital Versatile Doom."


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Please don’t tell the evangelicals I’m here.

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Take a look inside the underground network of gamers that's bringing obscure Japanese arcade titles stateside. (Via @WIRED)

Original tweet : https://twitter.com/arstechnica/status/1596629158569943040

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Many subtypes of the flu all but vanished during the pandemic, but one entire lineage went completely dark, leading researchers on a global hunt to see if it's truly disappeared.

Original tweet : https://twitter.com/arstechnica/status/1596637102451589124

A thread of concerts, music and other such random musical things. 

Tonights concert comes from Nine Inch Nails and the year 2018.

Anyone who is a devoteee of NIN and the musical genius of Trent Reznor may know that there is a huge collection of good bootlegs on the net, and when I mean good, I mean professional quality, though there are still official releases.

This concert comes from the Cold and Black and Infinite tour of 2018. This was also the same tour where the 2002 track "And all that Could have Been" was played live for the first time in NIN's history.


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Aaron Swartz would have been 36 by now.
The US state attempted to sentence him to 35 years in prison for transferring and sharing scientific articles from JSTOR. He was not convicted, he died. The state had incited his suicide.
Enabling access to knowledge was one of his main goals in life, as confirmed by many projects he undertook:
He and his colleagues started a digital library in 2007 openlibrary.org with the goal of becoming an open catalogue of all works that have ever been published. More than 2.5 million books are freely available on it today.
He helped with the development of RSS and Markdown and Creative Commons licensing, all of which today plays a central role in the creation and distribution of content on the Internet.
Aaron is also recognized as one of the co-founders of the Reddit network and is one of the authors of the Guerilla Manifesto for free access (pc. if/gmanzof).
Swartz also fought for transparency and against corruption and censorship. In addition to coordinating protests and actions against internet censorship, he set up a platform SecureDrop securedrop.org which enables anonymous and safe communication for whistleblowers.
Federal prosecutors wanted to make an example out of his case, so despite the lack of evidence they wrote an indictment demanding 35 years in prison and 1 million dollars in fines.
He was not convicted, days after prosecutors rejected his answering contract offer, Aaron died, they had killed him.

We would have sought to raise awareness of what was done to Aaron Swartz and initially didn’t include this next bit but, the seriousness of our situation means we can’t afford not to, given we genuinely feel that what they did to him is analogous to the situation we are in.
We implore every one of you to learn about the state retaliation we have been facing, it almost achieved with Rosa what they managed to do to Aaron less than a week ago. Had they been successful there they’d have finished me too, I can’t do this without her.
To learn more visit http://weareintolerant.online, search for #weareinnocent posts and please get in touch if somehow you still can’t choose a side.
We done talking to cops (to the limited extent we ever did) but will absolutely answer any question you ask.

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Imagine you're a visually impaired Mastodon user and your screen reader encounters a post that says something like "A stunning view I saw this morning" or "This is hilarious." But the image is the equivalent of what you see below: a blank. Wouldn't it be frustrating to encounter post after post like that?

Describe images. It's an act of love. Describe them as you would to a dear friend you were talking to on the phone.

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I couldn't find anything about this in English.

But summarizing it, the article says that during the pandemic lockdowns in Santiago de Compostela, there was a chance to study pavement temperature. It was discovered that in places where the grass and moss was not removed, the temperature was up to 20 degrees lower than in places where it was.

More moss and grass make our physical spaces more liveable in these times of #ClimateCrisis.

#SaveTheMossSaveTheWorld #Mosstodon

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