Does anyone know when and why they took diceworld from the google playstore? Is there another place to get android apps and/or games?

Welcome to Sunday. This really sucks, got lots of nice new listeners last week just to have to cancel my show this week. Due to severe health issues there is no this afternoon. Hopefully next week I'll be back and hope to have more new listeners tune in and enjoy the fun.

You know all those missing socks the dryer eats? I found out where they go. I know a person who works at park services for an island state park and finds like 20 socks a day with no mates on the beach

Strange request but if anyone knows of any good tattoo artists in Florence or Rome let me know :eyeless_blobcat_uwu: .

#musicians! The #fedivision Song Contest is open and accepts entries until :point_right_hmn_g1: May 17th 2022, 3 PM CEST. You still have 3 days to submit your original, previously unreleased song via the website

Please consult the website for the rules and the full schedule.

#music will be available for listening and voting via the website and the official @fedivision bot 2 days later!

I think I have now gotten through all the old requests I've gotten for . If I told you to wait a bit because your account was still too new, then please send me another DM to remind me that you're still around and loving Mastodon. If you do not, I will eventually get to you -- I have all those requests bookmarked -- and add you if I see you're still regularly posting, but given my track record recently, this may take longer.
And if you have gotten no response at all, then I must've messed up somewhere. Could you please message me again? I'll do better this time, I promise!
(If you do not know what the hell I am talking about, you can look at Trunk over here: )

Looking for any games out there. My interest are wide so whatever you can think of please just send my way.

Growing Plants Inside, In Need of Advice 

The air in my dorm hasn't been the best even with regularly opening the windows, so when I accompanied my dad to a gardening store to get some ... whatever the word is for those little plants in round containers -- is sapplings tree-specific? Anyway, we went to get some vegetables and flowers, and I got the bright idea to get some plants myself as well.
So now there's three friends here on my left. Lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora), pineapple sage (Salvia rutilans), and mint (don't know exactly which one, the shop owner gave it to me as a gift). They all smell wonderful and will no doubt be useful for spicing up food and smoothies in the future.
There's just one problem: I have no clue how to take care of . So if any @plants and lovers could give me some advice, I'd be emensely thankful.

Tips for Making Threads 

Do you want to post a lot about a given topic? More than your instance's character limit can offer? Or, on instances with higher character limit like ours, you might want to just keep things tidier. Instead of sending each part as its own post, you can reply to yourself, creating a thread that will be much easier for others to follow.
To indicate you are writing a thread, you can add "x/y" at the end of your message, like 1/3. If you are unsure, you can always write "x/?".
A really kind thing to do is to post only the first post of a thread as Public and the rest as Unlisted. People who wish to read more can expand your post in a new tab to look at everything. The other members of your instance, meanwhile, will be thankful to have less stuff to scroll past on the Local Timeline.

Tips for Following People 

Have you found a post you particularly enjoy and wish to follow the person that made it? That's great!
But slow down there, friend. Look at their profile first. Especially if their account is locked (I believe this shows up as a lock icon; sighted people please correct me if wrong), they likely have some requirements as to who can follow them. At the very least, these will be having a filled-out bio, which you really should get around to before following anyone. Some people (like me!) also require some form of interaction first, because being followed by silent strangers feels odd.
There is another benefit to looking at their profile first: you may find they actually mainly post about things you are not interested in. Unfortunate, but it happens. You could try following them anyway to see if they will perhaps spark your interest in the subject, or you could reply to the cool post you found to thank them for it and move on, searching for other cool people. You can still be friends with this one, even if you don't follow each other!

2/? (hey, it's a thread now! Open this in a new tab and look at the previous post to learn what that is!)

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So apparently network television has rediscovered that cooking shows are popular and unbelievably cheap and quick to film, and yet precisely zero of the new cooking shows actually teach you how to cook and instead you just get to watch other people cook; usually they seem to have some sort of competitive element but it doesn't really seem that engrossing to me.

That failed miserably. Woops, but. Anyone using Metatext and using VoiceOver? Any way of making it stop saying comma before certain things like notifications and boosts? An any way of it saying the notification like "so and so favourited your post" instead of "new notification?" Because I can't seem to fix it. Any helps is appreciated. I know I did ask this at some point, but decided to try out my luck again. :)

Once again happy Mother's Day from and I hope you enjoyed today's show. Look forward to seeing you all next week.

We're now coming up to the last hour of and I hope you are still enjoying the show.

It's the calm edition, lol and I hope you are enjoying the show. Hour 2 is up next, keep listening.

Grab your family and friends and lets have some fun! is getting ready to go live! Tune in by telling Alexa to play Genesis Radio or google to talk to Genesis Radio Now!

Well folks, we did it! We've reached 69 users!
On the admin interface, at least. The about page shows just 67, perhaps because certain suspended accounts aren't counted. But we've just two more to go there.

Welcome to another Sunday! Boy how time flies! wishes those that celebrate it a Happy Mother's Day and hopes you will join me this afternoon from 2 to 5PM Eastern! Tell your Alexa to enable Genesis Radio or google to talk to Genesis Radio Now!

Amazon's recommendation algorithm is supposed to be really smart.

Judging by these recommendations, Amazon must have predicted that I'm going to go to a costume party with the most boring date I can find.

Well, it's time for the nightly routine. Get the boys in bed, feed the dog, finish preparing for my show tomorrow and then find a book to read. Time to stop playing on Mastodon! lol.

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