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Interaction Requests (Read Before Following) 

If you wish to follow me, we must have interacted in some way first — you replying to one of my posts or me to one of yours. Alternatively, DM me explaining why you would like to follow me. I am not picky at all, I promise, being followed by strangers is just a little overwhelming right now. :ms_sweat_smile:
I remove any followers that have been inactive for more than one year. If any come back and wish to follow me again, they are of course free to do so.
Feel free to DM me without asking first. Same goes for boosts; generally if it's public/unlisted, it's fair game.
If you boost or favorite my posts, I might not notice, because I have notifications for those turned off.
Lastly, but most importantly: Please let me know if I ever make you uncomfortable or otherwise do something wrong. I can be dense at times, but I am here to pay attention and improve. Saying I support BIPOC, disable and LGBTQIA people is one thing, doing that is another, and I want to be in the second camp.

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CSS Style For Identifying Undescribed Media 

Recently, several users expressed a desire for a way to quickly check if the images in the toot they were about to boost were described. It would be nice if Mastodon itself offered warnings for that, as well as for forgetting to describe media in your own posts, but until then, this is actually one problem admins can fix on our own!
All you need to do is go into the site settings and add a bit of CSS code that will display a red border around any undescribed media. There are two examples available, depending on how subtle or noticeable you want the border to be; experiment and see what you like!
Thanks to @IngaLovinde for thinking of the starting code and @FiXato for improving on it! They did all the work here; I am just sharing this along.
Open this post in a new tab and look at the image to see how this can look like. The example image is my avatar, described in another pinned post.

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Profile Picture Info 

I have a new profile picture, thanks to the amazing @pixouls!
You can find more things Pixel has done on their site:
And if you'd like to support them, they have a Liberapay profile:

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Why I Delete Old Toots 

Nothing I post is so unprecedented that people will still find it useful several years later. There are enough wonderful toots posted every day that there's no reason to backread through my entire profile instead, except perhaps for doxxing purposes.
So, since I like keeping things tidy, I use Forget to delete every post of mine older than 4 months, except for the few that I've decided to keep. If you'd like to do something similar yourself, you can learn more here:
Fun fact: I've had to repost this exactly because it got deleted by mistake. So do take care to mark the things you wish to keep. Also, check if your profile is in any web archives; mine is, unfortunately, and it does make you wonder what the point is. But I'll keep on doing it anyway; small steps are better than nothing!

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A reminder that there's a test question survey open at the moment, and your answers and feedback help me to design a better title question and a good first "family terms" set of questions for 2023:

Food (vegan, meat replacement) 

I got myself a box of those Beyond Burgers I keep hearing so many good things about. And tomorrow, I'll make myself the best possible breakfast: a hamburger!
Sounds like a good way to start a Monday to me.

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Good morning

I'm just happy you're here again and reading this. I just really appreciate you as a person and you're an important part of my online community.

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politics, spiders 

arachno-anarchism 🕷️

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I don't talk about it much anymore, but I still have a handful of books out on the practical side of #polyamory / #nonmonogamy.

For instance, The Polyamorous Home talks about everything from bedrooms to budgeting, with a special section on moving in together.

Check it out:

#books #HowTo

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I got one of those felt world maps to put a pin on all the places my code runs at.
Now I have to figure out where “the cloud” is, for half of it.

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Since I started reminding people of GDPR, I’ve pretty much stopped getting unsolicited calls. It’s wonderful.

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I am in search of an IKEA baby shark Blåhaj, aka the Smolhaj. 55cm, discontinued in 2020 by Ikea, and ever elusive since then.

Do you have an extra one you're willing to part with? Let's discuss!
Looking for someone in France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany.

#blahaj #smolhaj #ikea #blahajgang #blahajasks #help #mastodon #iso

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For anyone who, like myself, gets unreasonably anxious about sending emails.

Write the whole thing in a text editor of choice, including a line with all the recipients separated by ; , so you can write it in a comfortable environment then quickly copy paste and send from the hated mail place.

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What the 76 in System76 stands for 

I learnt this the other day and ugh..

Please tell me I'm not crazy for thinking this is... I don't even have the words for it.

"In reference to the American Revolution, the 76 in our name declares our independence from proprietary empires through the freedom that open source technology provides. Will you join us?"

Source: System76 Brand book (linked on

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@unfitmisfit Yeah... the fedi is where I learned that as bad as corporate platforms are, the main reason they're white supremacist/fascist isn't mostly cuz of bias in the corporate moderation decisions

It's not cuz we're all at the whims of a capitalist "outrage machine" that "brings out the worst in 'us'" or whatever. It's cuz wherever they go and whatever their marginalizations, whites tend to spend a lot of energy replicating white supremacy/anti-blackness, on purpose

Product Recommendation, Wallet 

I am really loving this wallet so far!
Sure, it's got only one pouch for change, and I'd love to be able to sort it out a little more. But it has plenty of pockets for bank notes and enough space for all my cards and about a hundred more. Plus it's a brick! Fairly cheap, but bound to last a good while, through all the abuse I throw at it.
And I love that I can actually feel that tiger logo. Thank you for keeping my money safe, you good cat!
For those concerned about that, you can also get the same design (I think?) but with RFID protection for just 10 euros more.

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antiblackness fediblock meta tl;dr 

1. Eris made a thread about Disqordia being blocked - we think it was ill-advised, see above.

2. Puf made a fediblock post for someone else - root at moth zone - being actively racist in that thread.

3. A third party claimed Puf was filling the fediblock tag with bad reports.

4. We made this thread to explain why we considered Puf's then-latest fediblock reasonable.

5. Eris took being criticized badly.

Earlier stuff's come up, but this is the current stuff.

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thinkin about that one post that says some people interpret "respect" to mean to treat one with humanity and others mean it to say to treat like an authority

You say if you don't treat me with respect, I won't treat you with respect but with the white supremacist filter turned off what you really mean is "if you don't treat me like an authority, I won't treat you with humanity"

Yeah, we know

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just for the record, I'm not saying you should just block them and not do anything else

I'm saying that at the very least, you should block them

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You can just block your racist mutual

You can just block that racist instance

It's free and the cops cannot stop you

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A Blind Muslim woman needs help with the costs of emergency vet care for her guide horse

I remember learning about Callie and Mona Ramouni years and years ago, and I forgot that of course they'd likely still be a team! I hope the pony recovers and they will still will be


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block recommendation for for low-effort antiblackness

"they" in this case is the admins



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Sign that says "Being a socialist does not give you an ironic racism pass. Nor does being trans. Or anything."

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