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My D&D character 

This is Laetitia Ralliade, my DnD character. She's a human fighter (champion)/ranger.
Drawn by our amazing DM Zein Okko, who unfortunately isn't on the Fedi, but you can find his Twitter profile here:

Check him out, play his games Code 7 and Typoman, and watch the amazing stream/podcast Sword and Quill I'm now a part of!

Stream (tabletops on Sundays, at 4 PM CET):

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Game recommendation: Code 7 

This is my favorite game, so my profile would absolutely not be complete without a mention of it. It is a shame there aren't that many video games striving for this level of accessibility -- but at least we have great exceptions like this one!
In Code 7you play as a hacker trying to save humanity from complete annihilation. Gather information, hack everything, guide your partners through dangerous situations and earn their trust. Beware the AI that REDACTED
It is a text adventure, but with voice-acted dialog and pretty good music. It has autocomplete, subtitles and a mode for blind players.
If you like story-driven games with complex characters and plenty of twists, this might be the right game for you! Episode 0 is free, so how about you find out? :)
Steam (the only option with achievements, unfortunately: (DRM free):
Humble Bundle (if you want both):

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Why I delete old toots 

Nothing I post is so unprecedented that people will still find it useful several years later. There are enough wonderful toots posted every day that there's no reason to backread through my entire profile instead, except perhaps for doxxing purposes.
So, since I like keeping things tidy, I use Forget to delete every post of mine older than 4 months, except for the few that I've decided to keep. If you'd like to do something similar yourself, you can learn more here:

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3 cool projects I think you should contribute to 

Are you annoyed by the bad quality of current speech recognition software, and would like to help developers make something better? Perhaps you can, by contributing your voice and your ears to Common Voice. Hopefully, with the help of their datasets, we'll one day have a live captions solution that doesn't suck.

Even if you aren't a scientist, you can still help out with research. For example, would you like to search for black holes, identify wildlife, or save endangered animals? Then you'll love Zooniverse!

Would you like to improve the world without actually doing anything? That's impossi ... oh right, BOINC exists! With it, you can donate unused computing power to science projects that investigate diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, etc.

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Since I've seen some other people with these kinds of toots, and since someone corrected me just today and it felt great, here's a 4th pin! And the first one that isn't me recommending you go check out something else, whoops.
I am very much human. Flawed in many ways, wrong about many things. And I believe it is my mission in life to pay attention, and improve where possible. This gift of consciousness I've been given is limited, so it's all the more important that I make the best of it while it's there, and don't hinder others in doing the same.
But sometimes I don't notice things, forget, am tired, etc. So please, never hesitate to point out I did something wrong. You don't have to, but I'll be thankful if you do. 🙂

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Just to reiterate in relation to Gab getting hacked, I’m not aware of any vulnerabilities in Mastodon at the moment and based on what I have seen in their code modifications the vulnerabilities they have are the ones they themselves introduced (along with never porting security patches from us)

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Since it's been about a year, new OS poll time~
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New blog post, about the "Be the Change you Wish to See" phrase.


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a comment about white supremacy 

the requirement that a call-out of racism or otherwise bigoted behavior needs to be "polite" is a tool of white supremacy

you are not obliged to be polite when you say "that's racist"; if they wanted civility, they could have simply not done a racism.

we're taught to not rock the boat by those who most benefit from that civility, and sometimes that means we all gotta go overboard and swim for better shores.

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Open Data survey, 🐤 crosspost 


> "Our data resources are free and always will be, but we need your help to estimate their value & impact.
> If #opendata have ever saved you 15 min, please give back by filling in our impact survey


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Going to stream some more Bonesweeper work, adding TTS to the skeleton assembly phase today

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Yay, just blocked Accessibee, a piece of junk masquerading as an accessibility helper for websites! To learn how to do this, see this page:

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what do you call a werewolf youtuber? 


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D&D stats explained with tomatoes

strength: being able to crush a tomato

dexterity: being able to dodge a tomato

constitution: being able to eat a bad tomato

intelligence: knowing tomato is a fruit

wisdom: knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad

charisma: being able to sell a tomato fruit salad

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The student bowed.
"Master, I am sorry."
"Why were you absent yesterday?" the sword master asked.
"I don't know. I... simply could not get out of bed."
"If this happens again..."
"Allow yourself to stay in bed."
"A blunt sword can be honed. A broken one can not."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I've run a big text adventure for thirteen years (at one point briefly it was the biggest text adventure!) and if there's one thing I've about managing a big online community in that time that I'd choose to pass on as a warning to others, it's this: remove the people who don't like being there.

Some folks just don't like the place, or they liked it once and they don't anymore, and that's fine.

You'd think they'd just go somewhere else, and most do, but some don't, and those folks are AWFUL.

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When I'm scrolling through my feed and I find a toot from you with an image that is not described, what would you like me to do:

Wow, there are character limits on pole options? That sucks.

Hey there, and community of the Fedi!
Are any of you up for a little challenge? If so, you could join the , and make it an even bigger success than it was last year!
Yeah, no video. Well, you could have it. But the point of this is to
1. remind developers that yes,, gamers exist, yes, we would love to have more games to play, and no, it isn't so hard to make them and
2. to give us more of said games, because hell, there really isn't enough of them.
If this sounds scary, don't worry, there's plenty of people willing to help you. There's a Discord server linked in the jam's description, with plenty of skilled developers, sound designers and beta testers. And if you aren't into Discord, you could try
And finally, the link!

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You may have heard of #accessibe, an overlay that claims to make the web more accessible to screen reader users. I won't go into the details of what kind of scam this is, but be assured that you don't want this thing to interfere with your web experience if you're a screen reader user. Some good soul has now put up a page with instructions for various browsers and operating systems on how to block Accessibe from interfering woth your web experience. Go here: #noxp

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EU_politics + encryption + privacy 

The EU Council has approved a resolution to undermine encrypted communications for EU citicens:

A petition to declining this resolution and to keep citicens' privacy is online at the EU parliament:

As of today at 07:59 CET this petition has been signed by 13 supporters

#EU_politics #privacy #encryption

Fun fact: is actually pretty accessible, simple to use and all around cool. 🙂
Kind of ashamed I never thought of testing it sooner, but hey, I had a call there today. And yeah, it's just as nice as you folks I follow have been saying it is all this time.

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