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Another amazing series for Ace Week is THE MURDERBOT DIARIES by Martha Wells (which surely everyone has heard about by now, but even so).

Murderbot is asexual and possibly also aromantic. Its adventures are fast-paced and funny, not least because it is a SecUnit android who really just wants to watch re-runs of its favourite campy space opera and not have to save everyone all the time.

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Wealth of Jeff Bezos
2009: $6,800,000,000
2021: $197,400,000,000

Wealth of Bill Gates
2009: $40,000,000,000
2021: $135,400,000,000

Wealth of Mark Zuckerberg
2009: $2,000,000,000
2021: $114,900,000,000

U.S. Minimum Wage
2009: $7.25
2021: $7.25

Three words: TAX THE RICH

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If a website constantly harasses you into using their app and then when you do it tells you that the features you were trying to use are only available on the website, you should get one free murder

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a tip for when randos do an idiot on your post 

Delete and redraft.

It'll leave their idiotic comment hanging out in the cold, dead void where it belongs.

Of course, it only works if there aren't other comments that you'd like to keep.

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isn't kingdom heart basically "disneyland, the rpg"

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I’ve started listening to Radio Rental. There are some seriously creepy stories on this show.

It’s too bad there won’t be a full moon on Halloween.

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I don't understand why people think skeletons are evil. I've had one inside me my whole life and it's been nothing but supportive.

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“Simba! What made you come back?”

“I hallucinated my father in a cloud after a monkey hit me in the head. Or was it the other way around? I can’t remember.”


“Anyway, I’m gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware…”

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For a while, , the on had a shortcut for quickly suspending and resuming it by holding the volume up and down keys. However, in the recent versions, even if you enable that feature, it no longer seems to work.
Well, I finally found out how you can reenable it! Under settings, find Direct Access, enable it, and then turn on Talkback's shortcut there.
I missed that feature so damn much.

It's getting late, so I should get some sleep.
What's actually going to happen is I won't be able to fall asleep, so I'll end up reading until two in the morning.
good night fediverse.

I started reading Dune earlier this year, but I just couldn't get into it. Now that the movie is out, I've decided to give it a second shot.
Even if I don't end up liking the book, I'll still watch the movie. Everyone seems to really like it.

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I do wonder if our collective disregard for Twitter/FB has limited our thoughts around message display on the Fediverse.

I wouldn't mind an algorithm sorting my display, so long as:

a) I could understand it
b) I could control it
c) I could disable it

I do this with my email all the time through "sort". I sort by date, by sender, by thread, I search by topic, etc.

I'd have no problem if *my own* AP instance learned about me and sorted based on criteria it thought I'd like.

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venom comic 

Something so cool about this page where venom’s drool is surrounding the panels?!

I wish comics were more accessible. Thank God for Graphic Audio.

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Trying this again : do you have instance recommandations for nsfw art?
Since art-alley closed all i found were instances blocked by my motherinstance or places so small it feels like i'm entering someone's private conversations
Boost please, and Thanks

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