Hello everyone I hope life is going good for all of you :) I have another amazing science fact today!!!! I love that one of my passions is science. You are all amazing and beautiful please never ever forget that!!! Find your dream and your passions and never let them go!!! :)

Bismuth Atomic number: 83. The cool thing about this element It makes extremely beautiful geometric crystals if you melt it down, then cool it really slowly. The most striking thing about this element though, is that it is diamagnetic. Basically, this means that bismuth is repelled by magnetic fields, and in turn creates a repulsive force, pushing magnetic objects away from it. In practice, this means that if you place a magnetic metal between two pieces of bismuth, it will levitate.

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Fun fact: the element cobalt is literally named after kobolds.

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Do you have a "Killjoy Survival Kit"?

Things that keep you going, and things that keep you committed and keeping your hopes (of a better life, and a better world) alive?
Are there books, items, tools, practices, art, things to do? Really anything and everything can be part of a killjoy survival kit.

Is there something in your killjoy survival kit that you'd like to share with others?

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Good morning everyone :) I hope you are all doing well. I have another science fact for you today!!! :) Curium is a hard, dense radioactive silvery-white metal. It tarnishes slowly in dry air at room temperature.

Curium is highly radioactive and it glows red in the dark.

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i like celestial events. they make me feel really grounded. i think of how people saw these things a long time ago and i feel connected with them, with people now and with myself, and with the planet. we are experiencing the same thing. the earth just keeps moving

Hey everyone I have been on mastodon for one week now and I really love it!!! :) everyone is very kind and I love the vibes!!! I also love sharing my science facts and getting to know everyone. Also for anyone that needs to hear this your all amazing please never forget that!!!🥰✨🦋💖

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One of my multiverse alter egos came by the other day to borrow a cup of sugar.
"I'm baking a cake," they said, "to celebrate."
"Celebrate what?" I asked.
"That I can bake a cake, and share it with my friends."
I couldn't stop thinking about that.
Now, does anybody want a slice?
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Hello everyone I hope your all having a lovely day/night. I got another amazing science fact for you today!!! :dragon_happy: Silicon is the material of choice in the chip industry. Unlike the metals normally used to conduct electrical currents, silicon is a ‘semiconductor’, meaning that its conductive properties can be increased by mixing it with other materials such as phosphorus or boron. This makes it possible to turn an electrical current on or off.

Hey everyone I hope your all doing well :) I got another science fact today :) I love sharing these also for anyone that needs to hear this your all awesome!!! :) When transition metal ions are present in even small percentages in crystalline silicates or alumina, the minerals become gems. Rubies are gems in which small numbers of chromium ions are substituted for aluminum ions in aluminum oxide. Chromium substitution for a small number of aluminum ions in another clear crystal, beryllium aluminum silicate, forms the green gem known as emerald. Alexandrine may appear red or green due to chromium ion substitution in its crystal. Iron ions can produce red garnets, purple amethysts, and blue aquamarines. Iron and titanium ions cause yellow-green peridot, and blue turquoise gems are colored by copper ions.

Good morning everyone I hope your all having a good day/night. Today I’m kind of in a deep thinking mood and I like to reflect on my life with motivational quotes and they have really helped me a lot in life. One of my favourite quotes is Never negotiate your value with anyone. You are worth it. You have always been, and always will be, worth it. I struggle with my self-confidence sometimes and this really helps me think about how I am worth it to myself and no one else can affect that.

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Meta, race & gender 

I find it disheartening that Black Trans users on here have been reminding ppl their analysis of gender can't be separate from race and I get hounded for daring to show off a Black Trans Flag

but white users are able to say this with no blow back as if its a novel idea

this is rinse repeat

Hello everyone I hope all is going well. I have another science fact today. I’m not sure if this is gonna be a daily thing or just sometimes. Also its beautiful weather today its a nice 20 degrees Celsius. I’m looking forward to sitting outside and just peacefully meditating. The alkali (IA) metals show a closer relationship in their properties than do any other family of elements in the periodic table. Alkali metals are so chemically reactive that they are never found in the element form in nature. All these metals react spontaneously with gases in the air, so they must be kept immersed in oil in the storeroom. They are so soft that they can be cut with an ordinary table knife, revealing a very "buttery", silvery metal surface that immediately turns dull as it reacts with water Vapor and oxygen in the air. The chemical reactivity of alkali metals increases as the atomic number increases.

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Coffee places: we want to look busy to attract more customers, so we want to have an engaging place for people to stay, with tables for conversations, and counters, WiFi and electrical outlets for computers.

Also coffee places: we want to follow the modern design trend of ALL THE ECHOES ALL THE TIME.

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If I live-stream the total lunar eclipse coming up the night of Sunday May 15 through my telescope, who here would watch it?

Favorite or boost if you’re interested! ✋

#astronomy #lunar #eclipse

Hello everyone I’m really enjoying being here my day is going excellent so far. Here is a random science fact I have a huge collection of these and I’m always trying to learn about more. Most metals’ electrons reflect colors equally, so the sun’s light is reflected as white. Gold and copper, however, happen to absorb blue and violet light, leaving yellow light. It’s worth noting here that copper is also the only metal that is naturally antibacterial.

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I've just been in my first meeting where everyone did this kind of self-description and it was /amazing/.


It felt so...luxurious? I didn't realize how much I'm used to guessing and just doing without. Not so much about appearance in the sense of who wears glasses or has gray hair, but it's good to hear people's race and age and gender (the CEO told me he's cis! which of course he is but I'm amazed any CEOs know this!); these things do matter in interacting with people.

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medication advice, specific pill mention, mental illness, psychiatrist prescribing you things you’re not too educated about, boosts appreciated 

i know this probably isn’t the right place to ask but if any of you had ever been on Divalproex/Depakote, was it effective or helpful? i was just prescribed this and i don’t know anyone who has had an experience with it. thank you ❤️ .

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Good morning! Well,it's a late morning, but it's Sunday, so. Sleep happened. :)

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A little negative, but then positive.. 

I listen to rain when I am super meh and depressed. I have this app tooooo. Okay, totally, but, like, totally. Dragons are the best for coming up with that idea. :P Feels relaxing just listening to this. :dragon_happy:

Hey everyone my name is Violet I’m a 21 year old trans girl on the autism spectrum and I want to come on here and introduce myself and say hi. I’m visually impaired and some of my interests are watching Netflix science as well as physics and chemistry. I also love fashion and clothes. I hope everyone is having a good day or night. ’s

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