Hello everyone I hope life is going good for all of you :) I have another amazing science fact today!!!! I love that one of my passions is science. You are all amazing and beautiful please never ever forget that!!! Find your dream and your passions and never let them go!!! :)

Bismuth Atomic number: 83. The cool thing about this element It makes extremely beautiful geometric crystals if you melt it down, then cool it really slowly. The most striking thing about this element though, is that it is diamagnetic. Basically, this means that bismuth is repelled by magnetic fields, and in turn creates a repulsive force, pushing magnetic objects away from it. In practice, this means that if you place a magnetic metal between two pieces of bismuth, it will levitate.

@Quietgirl82 Can we use it to create a perpetual motion machine then?

@lydiaconwell thats actually a very cool Idea I haven’t heard of that happening though so hopefuly some people come up with that in the future :)

@Quietgirl82 Well, maybe you can work on it and we can split the profits!

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