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I challenge anyone who's fedi experience is improved because of image, GIF, video, or audio captions to take the time to personally thank at least 3 different people each week for describing their media!
Should it be expected at this point? Yes in most cases I think so. But reminding people that taking the time to do it is making a tangible positive impact, and causing others to see the social benefits at the same time is a great way to encourage people to do it more.
If you can't find many examples on your personal feed, just use the media only filter on your local and federated timelines; they shouldn't be too hard to find after that!

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@Superfreq @PleaseCaption


Absolutely will do in the future. Our apologies.

For the record, the photo in the prior post shows Jeri, a lady with red hair and wearing a T-shirt, holding one of her inventions: a retro-looking game console, with an embedded hi-res 5 inch screen.

Hi there. I have not gotten any response from you about potentially adding image descriptions to your posts yet. Maybe you missed my first message? I've heard that Antifa is a disability rights supporter, and it seems that ableism would go against your principals so I assume it's not that I'm being ignored.
Image descriptions are helpful for and users, but also some people and those on low bandwidth connections or strict dataplans who do not want to load images.
Some instances now offer automatic OCR which can grab text from images for you, though it does require some basic proofreading for accuracy. Also, there is a bot: @PleaseCaption who will remind you when ever you accidentally post an image without a caption.
It isn't necessary to be extremely detailed or to write especially well, even if it's nice, because something is pretty much always better than nothing when it comes to alt text.

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Dragonborn paladin!

(yes I still have to take properly-lit pictures because every fabric involved is iridescent in a different way 😩)

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Shanty, NSFW 

"Cause why would I need a lover when I've got myself a gun?"
This song came up today and I realized just how amazing it is that even though most of it is full of sexual jokes, there's also an perspective, just as valid as the straight, bisexual and lesbian ones before it. And presumably, this is based on the real ladies' experiences, so there is an asexual singer in one of the naughtiest a cappella groups.
Idk about the other aces out there, but I think that's the kind of representation I want. :ms_big_smile:

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Back in 2019, the US billion-dollar clothes brand GAP told the Aboriginal-owned social enterprise Clothing the Gap they couldn't use the word "gap" in their name, because they own it.

Boycott the hell out of GAP. Name and shame them, and send them complaints. They made it incredibly more difficult for an Aboriginal-owned social enterprise run by a majority of women.


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Clothing the Gaps (they had to add the "S") now have 42 days to sell their stock of clothes that have the word "gap" on them.

Support them - I own a shirt and it's excellent stuff.


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our ideas of what bicycles looked like when they roamed the earth are based on an outdated understanding of their skeletons… when they were alive they were probably mostly feathers and meat

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CSS Style For Identifying Undescribed Media 

Recently, several users expressed a desire for a way to quickly check if the images in the toot they were about to boost were described. It would be nice if Mastodon itself offered warnings for that, as well as for forgetting to describe media in your own posts, but until then, this is actually one problem admins can fix on our own!
All you need to do is go into the site settings and add a bit of CSS code that will display a red border around any undescribed media. There are two examples available, depending on how subtle or noticeable you want the border to be; experiment and see what you like!
Thanks to @IngaLovinde for thinking of the starting code and @FiXato for improving on it! They did all the work here; I am just sharing this along.
Open this post in a new tab and look at the image to see how this can look like. The example image is my avatar, described in another pinned post.

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canid behaviour, hello this is one of my niche interests 

@calculsoberic @schratze
So, wolf packs are basically family groups so there's a (relatively flat, but visible) hierarchy primarily based on age and experience. Wolves in the wild usually choose their leader in certain situations based on who is the most competent at whatever they're doing (so, at hunting, scavenging, finding a place to sleep etc). Packs of dogs exhibit the same behaviour if left to their own devices! The idea of a single alpha wolf who holds power over the rest of the pack is therefore largely a myth.

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When the jaws open wide
And there's more jaws inside
That's a moray

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when an agender person comes out, should they host a gender repeal party?

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covid vaccine 

glad that scheduling and getting my first shot was simple enough, but mildly unenthused that being a Moderna recipient means that once I die I will become a servant to a Pfizer vaccine receiver in the afterlife.

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brb i am imagining a scenario where only one spell from fantasy tabletop games becomes available in real life -- but it's detect magic.

so the only application is periodically checking if anyone around you is using detect magic.

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"You are beautiful."
"I bet you say that to everyone."
"I do. And I mean it, every time."
"Is that how you cope with the job?"
"No. If anything, it makes it harder. But then, nobody promised me it would be easy." Death grinned. "Shall we go?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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How can I easily tell (on a phone) if an image has alt text or not on Mastodon. Would be great if Mastodon visibly flagged images that don’t have alt text with a warning in the interface so we know not to boost posts that don’t have it.

#accessibility #a11y

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Saw a thing that reminded me of this... I took business studies in college (calm down Americans, I'm not rich, college cost a hundred quid a year where I grew up) and they taught us there that accessibility considerations weren't just for people with disabilities, they were for anyone who'd find them useful. Wide aisles in a shop are just as useful for parents with prams as they are for people in wheelchairs. When I went to work at a DIY superstore (Focus at the time), during the training... 1/

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...they'd point out all the different methods of help we could give to the customer, and alongside customers with disabilities they talked a lot about customers who are injured, because if you break an arm or a leg and have to take a few weeks off work you're gonna go stir crazy and decide to paint the living room.

This all helped to hammer home that accessibility features are for everyone. It was like, "Hey, you really think you're gonna get through your whole life without breaking a bone?"

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Anyway I really don't get the same feeling, over here in America, that people might look at a ramp or a handrail or whatever and think "That's gonna be really handy when I drop a paving slab on my toes." I think people over here think of these sorts of physical accessibility helpers as things for Other People, not for Future You Who Lost An Argument With A Ladder.

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@ghost_bird @packbat I would argue that its not helpful to frame feminism as like "men are the oppressor class" and maybe instead we should be talking about patriarchy and patriarchal systems

But regardless, just coming out as a man is surely not enough to make you automatically "part of the oppressor class"

Being oppressive is not inherent to manhood or to being a man. It is something pushed on men by society, but it is in no way an inherent quality

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