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I'm Quin. I'm a blind trans girl who loves everything tech. No matter if its code, server stuff, or security fixes, I'm all about it.
I'm also a huge LGBTQ rights advocate, and my Toots and boosts will most likely reflect that.
I'm still in high school at the moment, but am currently working with The Blind Institute of Technology to obtain a Salesforce Admin certification, and apprenticeship.
So yeah, that's pretty much me. Feel free to interact. I don't bite. Often. :)

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ATTENTION EVERYONE WRINGING THEIR HANDS OVER “#MASTODON ADMINS CAN READ MY DIRECT MESSAGES”: #SysAdmins have *always* been able to read your #email and DMs unless encrypted, including at the big #SocialNetworks and Internet providers. We used to have t-shirts that said, “I READ YOUR EMAIL.”

It’s just hitting now because you got used to places where the admins were kept away in their cubicles and data centers instead of greeting you at the front door.

#privacy #security #InfoSec #cybersecurity

Anyone with a display name that takes a screen reader more than 5 seconds to read should be forced to listen to it for 10 hours straight.

Luckily I see a lot less of that on Mastodon, but it still happens. Sighted people and their fancy unicode text.

I just realized that three of the items on my Amazon wishlist are headphones in some form or another. A HyperX Cloud Alpha S, AirPods Pro 2, and Google's wired USB C earbuds. I think I might have a problem. Either that, or too many devices that I need headphones for.

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Up until very recently, it was easier to imagine the end of the internet than it was to imagine the end of the tech giants. The problems of living under a system dominated by unaccountable, vast corporations seemed inescapable. But growth has stagnated for these centralized platforms, and Twitter is in the midst of an ugly meltdown. It won’t be the last service to disintegrate into a thrashing mess.


I learned two things today:
1. Attempting to call a method with a period instead of a colon on an hs.eventtap.event for a keyboard hook makes your keyboard lock up.
2. If you attempt to post an event that was sent to your event callback, your computer explodes.
I think I'm done coding for the day.

Code Runner has absolutely changed how I code on macOS. Due to VSCode on Mac being less than optimal, I've been using Textmate, but it doesn't have auto complete, a built-in terminal, etc., many things I much missed. But Code Runner sure does! The auto-indent seems a bit broken and unreliable, but everything else makes it literally so worth it! Highly recommend.

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Sharing a few thoughts on #blind #accessible Mastodon clients for #iOS.

While the official Mastodon client is making some progress, with limited Actions Rotor support now implemented, I think for now at least there are better options.

Metatext is now under active development again, it’s quite Twitterrific-like so it will help those coming over from Twitter. Excellent Actions Rotor support, multiple accounts. If there’s a downside, it is #VoiceOver focus problems. Composing or loading more toots can cause you to lose your place. Hopefully this can be fixed.

Toot! is not free, and it may be considered a bit more geeky. Again, the Actions Rotor is well-implemented, but you have to do a bit more hunting for some options. What’s outstanding about Toot! is the good support for administrative functions if you’re an admin or moderator, and the way you can connect to the public timelines of as many instances as you want without having an account on that instance. No VO focus issues, but you don’t hear if a toot has replies or how many time’s it’s been boosted as you do in Metatext. I like the way you can hear current poll results right from the timeline even without voting. As I become more confident with Mastodon, I am gravitating more to Toot! Again, after a break, this is under active development.

In Mercury, you can customise the order of items on the Actions Rotor. But it hasn’t seen any love for over a year, so newer features aren’t supported, and like Toot! you don’t hear if there are any replies to a toot you are reading.

My recommendation? Despite the yucky focus issues which hopefully can be addressed, I think Metatext will suit most people. If you don’t mind geeking out a bit more, if you like to browse local timelines or do some admin things, give Toot! a look, and let’s hope we can get at least verbalisation of whether a toot has replies.

Wonderful that we have these accessible choices here.

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Don't miss our Black Friday deals! Once they're gone, THEY'RE GONE! Well, at least until Monday, when our Cyber Monday deals will be basically the same thing. But once *those* deals are gone, that's it, no more deals. EVER. Well, until we extend our Cyber Monday sales for the rest of the week. But once that's over, seriously, no more! Until mid-December, when we launch our big pre-Christmas sale. But if you miss that, you're out of luck, because we'll never have a sale again. Well, not until...

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There is also this other annoying tendency, where once people decide someone is bad, that person becomes literally nothing but pure unrestrained evil in their eyes. How are we meant to create a system built around restorative justice when we literally cannot entertain the idea that people are more than their literal worst moments. People also have this tendency to decide that anything fucking goes the moment they have decided that someone is bad, and are completely fine with engaging in some of the most bigoted harmful shit against someone so long as they are one of the "bad" people.

I opened an issue against VSCode, asking Microsoft to show file properties (such as file size and date modified) in the file explorer. It has to get 20 thumbs up reactions in the next 60 days or it'll be closed, so please, go do dat shit.

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OH: "Nobody has spent more on a dead bird this Thanksgiving than Elon Musk."

A con of having long hair is that it gets in the way when I'm trying to put in AirPods. But a pro of having long hair is it hides the AirPods almost entirely once I get them in, so no one knows I'm even wearing them. There are many practical applications for this :D

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An interesting part of TalkBack is its menus. Yes, VoiceOver has the rotor, and it's great for quick actions, like swipe up and double tap for dismissing a notification or deleting an email. But what about actions farther down the list? What if you have to swipe down 4 times, then double tap?

The TalkBack menu provides an alternative, just a list of items. And yes, I know not many apps take advantage of the Actions menu, which I have assigned to a 3 finger tap, and just swipe left then up for the TalkBack menu. But for the apps that do, like Gmail, Tusky, and Feeder, it's pretty nice. I don’t have to swipe passed the Reply and boost button to get to the favorite button if I don’t want to. I can just tap it, although yes, I do have to reach my hand upward to tap it. I don’t have to swipe anywhere if I want to mark an article as read, in Feeder. I can just tap once with 3 fingers, then double tap, and it's done.

#a11y #android #accessibility

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I may have found a workaround for when TalkBack stops reading things like Telegram messages and such. It looks like the speech queue is clogged up, so to unclog it, just tap once with two fingers to start or stop TalkBack speech. It'll read something that it was supposed to be reading before, and then work after that. So you won’t have to restart TalkBack. These are the good and simple fixes to bugs that I like. Not like some of the ones on iOS where you have to restart the phone, or use a different Braille display, or reset your phone to fix.

#a11y #android #blind #TalkBack

Sleep, anxiety. 

Lovely. It seems my body can't stay asleep for more than two hours without waking me up for absolutely no reason.
Also, I have this twisting, sick feeling that something is going to explode in a very spectacular way at some point today, and I don't like that. At, all. Can we just not with this bullshit?

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The week before Thanksgiving Twitter fires 4K workers, Amazon fires 10K workers, Facebook fires 11K workers, and Disney plans thousands of layoffs—all while US Billionaire pandemic wealth increased an absurd $1.7T.😳

A reminder that billionaires don’t create jobs—they exploit workers.

Tax billionaires. Unionize workers.

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Holy crap, modern Galaxy Books feel almost identical to MacBook Airs before the redesign. Is this even legal? Like, I could put an apple sticker on this and so many people would mistake it for a MacBook.

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My lil brother is visiting with his boyfriend and it’s great! Really funny my parents went two for two on having queer kids despite being church every week christians lmao.

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