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I'm Quin. I'm a blind trans girl who loves everything tech. No matter if its code, server stuff, or security fixes, I'm all about it.
I'm also a huge LGBTQ rights advocate, and my Toots and boosts will most likely reflect that.
I'm still in high school at the moment, but am currently working with The Blind Institute of Technology to obtain a Salesforce Admin certification, and apprenticeship.
So yeah, that's pretty much me. Feel free to interact. I don't bite. Often. :)

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your semi-regular reminder that women weren't allowed to perform on stage until the 1660s and that from the 5th century BC until 360 years ago, every show was a drag show

Here's how you know I'm tired: When the Copilot suggestions available sound actually makes me jump.

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The VoiceOver Pronunciation Dictionary in iOS can be used to increase the truth quotient in the App Store. For example, I have changed the phrase “bug fixes and performance improvements” to, “I can’t be bothered telling you what we fixed”.

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For those using Braille Screen Input on the iPhone, did you know that there are navigation gestures now? You can move around the text by character, word, or line. Here is how it is done.
1, In Braille Screen Input, hold one finger down on any dot. You must keep that finger down during the whole process.
2, It will make a couple of beeps, then say, Exploring mode. This is the mode it has to be in, in order to move the cursor around. If you left your finger off the dot, it will leave exploring mode, so again, keep it held down.
3, Here is the 3 gestures needed. They all use 2 fingers.
2 finger flick up and down moves between navigation types; character, word, or line.
2 finger swipe to the left, moves cursor forward or right by character, word, or line.
2 finger swipe to the right, moves cursor backwards or left by character, word, or line.
This is been demonstrated on several podcast, here is a link to one of those demonstrations.

Random Mastodon question for those way smarter than me: If you make a post that contains some hashtags, and then put it behind a content warning, will that post still show up if you do a hashtag search? Or should you put them in the content warning itself?

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Ever feel like texting someone because you miss them, but you don’t because you don’t want to be annoying and they might not want you to text, but then you dwell on it to the point that you drink a whole bottle of wine and can’t work out how to get through a doorway

Unpopular opinion time: I don't like how Python handles typing. It feels like it just clutters the code, and typecheckers feel very lazy when compared to typescript. For example:
def do_thing(a: int):
Okay, so our function accepts an int, and only an int. Cool, right? Accept... does it? Python's str() method works on all types, and Mypy doesn't seem to check if you're calling third-party modules with the right types, even if types are available. If I put this in another file, and then import and try to use it with, say, a float or a string, I get no error. Now of course this won't crash, but it might in other cases. There are other things to dislike about them, but this is the main one IMO.
Am I missing something here? Do I maybe have to reconfigure my Mypy? Because this seems really pointless, and like it just decreases code readability.

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Someone has taken my FediFollows logo and combined it with the FediTips name to create a reddit group that is posting transphobic material.

This is nothing to do with me. I don't use reddit and never have done.

I'm part of the LGBTQIA+ community and totally condemn transphobia.

(Not going to link to the group obviously.)

Hey, uh, Copilot? Are you okay? I just got the following, when asking it to generate a script that deletes all .DS_Store files.
from pathlib import Path
from file_utils import list_folders, list_folders_without_files, list_folders_with_files, list_folders_without_files_and_with_files, list_folders_with_files_and_without_files, list_folders_with_files_and_without_files_and_with_files, list_folders_without_files_and_with_files_and_without_files
I'm very highly amused.

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Chrome is the reason the floor RAM requirement on any arch is 8GB.

And even then, that's only the MINIMUM system requirement.

It would be nice if there was a modern browser whose main job was to view web pages and not try exposing every OS function through it, poorly.

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2. Yuito is a fork of Tusky. Can set to way more than 5 tabs: multiple hashtags, lists, home, local, federated, notification tabs. It has adjustable font size, dark/light themes, positioning tab toolbar, turn off colorful gradients on CW posts, show indicator for bots, and other accessible features. Has a limited bandwidth and wellbeing mode.

Accessibility: screenreader read posts well including user names. Image descriptions easy to add and view. Easy to navigate and post.

Recommend? Yes.

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AI and capitalist automation 

AI won't become a free tool that everyone replaces independent artists, writers, and coders with. Instead, we are once again seeing a piece of industrial automation moving into the sphere of production. This type of AI will be specialized and incorporated into the means of production such that capitalist enterprises can utilize less artists, writers, and coders to produce more output with AI assistance tools.

Once again, production will go up, pay will go down for workers, and profits will go up for the industrialists.

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AI is holding a mirror up to humanity and a lot of us don't always like what we see. IMO that's an important thing that should be discussed more. There's a lot of talk about blaming the AI creators for being "obviously" biased because of their choices of data sources (and that should absolutely be researched), but I think that's missing the elephant in the room which is that humans kind of suck.

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PARENT: "Have you finished writing your letter to Santa?"

CHILD: "I'm don't believe in Santa anymore. Now I believe in a decentralized network of independently operating elves who federate using an open protocol called ActivityPub to share information about children's Christmas wishes and source gifts to fulfill them"

Facebooks iOS app is now on version 394.0. Who taught these guys how versioning works? You shouldn't bump up to 394 from 393 just for bug fixes. Bug fixes that you didn't even list. Jeez

This new Tusker update is awesome! More VO actions, less lag when swiping through timelines, Command and the numbers now work on the Mac, compose is now more VO friendly, etc. there's still room for improvement, but this is really solid, especially for a very early beta.

Was just looking at the devices connected to my network, and found a device called Linux. Looking at the device details, it appears to be an Amazon Echo. I'll be damned, never knew they were running Linux. That seems like being extra for no reason, but maybe not?

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I asked ChatGPT to "Roast Windows"

Windows is like a box of chocolates - you never know what kind of viruses you're gonna get.

Windows is so user-friendly, it even lets hackers in without asking for a password.

Windows updates are like a roller coaster - you never know when they'll crash and leave you stranded.

Windows is like a game of Tetris - you have to constantly rearrange your files to make room for more bloatware.

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One thing I love about Mastodon is the reminder and general practice of describing pictures for the visually impaired. We should do this all the time, at work and for leisure, for equal access. Do not forget to add the alt descriptions to your photos! #accessibility

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Sometimes when you meet that special someone, you just know you want to spend the rest of your life without them.

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