Well, this is a thing. Hi, I exist here now as well. And stuff.

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@arqeria Hi! Welcome to the coziest, comfiest cave on the internet!
If you find this whole thing confusing and need guides, let us know. I recommend you go into the preferences and enable advanced view; it's more accessible, imo.
Also, check out Trunk! It's a huge collection of amazing people sorted into categories. I'm sure you'll find some great folks to follow.
When you're ready, please make a toot with the Introductions hashtag, so people will know who you are. :)

@Mayana @arqeria all of this, yes. Also, thx for the tip about advanced view. Not something I knew about.

@fireborn @arqeria Yeah, it honestly should be the default, imo. So much more convenient. Sure, I unpinned most of the columns, but it's really nice to always have the notifications on top, for example.

@Mayana I've just enabled the advanced view, where do I go to configure it, add/remove sections?

@fireborn The "Show Settings" button under each section's heading. You can unpin them there, move them up or down, show or hide boosts and replies, etc.

@fireborn I'm glad it works!
BTW, did you get a chance to try out that list of bots I sent? Has it made your experience on the Federated Timeline any less painful?

@arqeria There is another unsighted person on my instance (I think it's the same) but I can't think of his nick offhand. I think he's a bit older than you though. ;-) I'll try to remember ...

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