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Wow, this is my 2004th toot. Damn, I missed my birth year by 1! :-( I can't exactly call myself an OG (what's a ☺️> but it *has* been over 4 years since I joined. And the fediverse has, by far, been the best social media experience I've ever had. Keep making cool stuff, #fediverse. Keep tooting!

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Got laid off today! Whoo!

If anyone knows of a place looking for a remote front-end web dev (#react #reactjs #javascript #html #css), Unity dev (#unity #unity3D #csharp #gamedev #indiedev #dotnet), Game designer (#gamedesign #leveldesign #gameplay #gameplaydesign), Stream producer (#obs #obsstudio #twitch #streaming #ttrpg #ttrpghive), or Generalist programmer, hit me up!

Shoot some recommendations my way, DM, email, etc

Also if you could boost this, that would be very appreciated!

Thanks 🙃

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Image description not used?
You don't get the boost!

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Aside from general arguments of "it's too hard", the thing about Mastodon that people find the hardest seems to be this idea that not everyone is in the same centralized, albeit virtual, space. The concept of a distributed user base, servers, and federated content is all but alien in a world where people are used to thinking in monolithic terms. This is interesting because we have no trouble thinking of people in different houses, on different streets, and in different cities.

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So there's a way to get the Steam app to play nice with screen readers.

Go to your desktop and highlight your Steam icon. Open your applications menu, go to properties and add -gamepadui to the end of the string. Make sure there's a space between the quote marker and the dash or it won't work.

You might have to login again, but this throws the app into a beta of the Steam Deck UI which fuck me sideways is very NVDA friendly. There's some bugs here and there, but this is lightyears better than what we had to deal with before.

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After the #GDPR fiasco yesterday, a number of you have suggested I update my cookie policy. Fortunately, that will be much simpler.
I accept all #cookies. All of them. There's no such thing as a non-essential cookie. Gimme gimme gimme. HO HO HO! I may however have a milk policy that I will be outlining shortly.
Finally, I'm also updating my privacy policy to explicitly state I do not see you when you're sleeping, and I also have no idea if you're awake or not. Kindly stop singing about it. It makes Santa look weird.

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Oh dear. I've just been informed that collecting the names of every person on the planet for my naughty and nice lists is, and I quote, “a significant and wholly irresponsible breach of #GDPR “.
I'm going to hand out about 8 billion consent forms soon. If you could all get them back to me ASAP that would be appreciated.

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I hear new people noting how chill, tolerant, and pleasant Mastodon is.

Mastodon isn’t chill or tolerant or pleasant. It’s a tool… a foundation on which to create and maintain a culture.

It’s those who’ve been on Mastodon, run servers, and served as admins who did the hard work and created the culture you now enjoy.

Now, it’s your turn. The only way it stays tolerant and chill is by us doing the work to keep it that way.

A good example of, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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Every so often I think about all those people who panic-bought massive quantities of toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic and wonder if they've run out yet.

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For environmental reasons, I will not be leaving coal in anyone's stocking this year.

Those on the naughty list will instead get a 1 month subscription to #Twitter Blue.

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Mastodon is not broken.

It's different, and much better. Mastodon by design promotes engagement not asserting influence. It's a dinner party, not a food fight. Most of what you might at first think is deficient is intentional. Before you rush to conclusions, try it for a while. Take part in this new community. Make new friends. Be kind. This is what social media should be. You will be amazed.

#mastodonmigration #twittermigration #mastodontips

I'm not a massive fan myself, but congratulations to the English team.
They absolutely knocked out with a 6,2 score.

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hi wonderful people

i know a lot of folks are detoxifying and the birdsite incentives sometimes made it seem like only posting your own stuff was wise. Maybe never boosting others over there made sense.

It's different here. Here, #PeopleAreTheAlgorithm

Which means, if you interact with me, and I look at your profile and it's full of yourself. Well...kinda speaks for itself.

Boosting others here helps re-knitting lost and creating new networks of care. Be generous and share your discoveries.

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Last week I held a presentation at $work about . My initial thoughts were that not much would actually happen. But since then, every time something unusual comes up, someone will walk up to me or message me and ask how it should be implemented with accessibility in mind and this makes me so incredibly happy. It's such a small thing but I've had many interesting conversations with people since then and it warms my heart. Spreading awareness really does help, and if you're working on anything at all it never hurts to ask someone that knows! Whether it's an accessibility person at work or even just me on the fediverse in a mention or DM!
So if you're working on an , or even a / feel free to ask for help! And if you want to talk about your and how to make it accessible, I'd be more than happy to chat!

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If it's ok for roosters to greet the day by screaming, then why can't I?

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I recently posted about how I prefer to see positioned within content, as a user. That post has picked up some momentum, and my thanks to everyone that has shared, favourited and/or engaged with it via thoughtful discourse.

I'd like to highlight that screen reader users vary widely in their consumption habits and preferences, and my views are nothing but personal predilections. Regardless of the approach you take, you are expressing an interest in making your content as and as possible to an audience who experience the world differently to how you do. This is heartening and refreshing to many Mastodon newcomers, and extremely appreciated.

Accessibility is not a binary state, and you are not doing it "wrong" if you put your hashtags inline, or at the end, or both! There are many more impactful aspects to , like (also known as ), which are in abundance on Mastodon and a joy to read.

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Today marks a year since I've started reading the first Artemis Fowl book! 🍾
I remember finishing it and going "What the fuck have I just read?" It was probably the first childrens book I've read that defied my expectations. I expected a clear protagonist, a clear antagonist, and a clear ending. Instead I got heros that later became not so heroic, jokes that I definitely didn't expect (the one about censorship stuck with me the most) and feeling ultimately confused at the end, in a good way.

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I don't want to just be posting about numbers like a clock, but the 2 million mark of monthly active users across the network is a pretty big deal. This is going big numbers! Shout out to all the server operators who are absorbing this wave.

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If you're worried that you may have joined the wrong mastodon server / instance, these instructions include information about how to export accounts you follow as well as accounts that follow you (most sets of instructions only cover the latter)

Find an instance that suits you - it doesn't need to be one of the massive servers; a more specialist one may have a local timeline & moderation policies that suit you much better!

#ChangeServer #Move #Instance

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I’m a multimedia #journalist based in #SanFrancisco ~ currently I am the audience editor of strategy and off-platform at @sfchronicle 📰 🌉

I’m generally interested in:
🎥: #video, #audio, #design
🌿: #nativeplants, #indoorplants, #gardening
🏺: #ceramics, #pottery
🐱: #cats

Excited to see how this platform evolves 👀

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