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The Milwaukee airport has my favorite airport sign in the country, hands down.

Okay bird brain, when you do rm -r, pay attention to what you are about to nuke.

Nearly nuked my books collection instead of my usual targgets.

I get too little sleep I nuke stuff and then realize oh crap I just wiped that folder. If I get too much sleep I do the same thing.

And this is why I'm not in sysadmin as a career field, I'm very much liable to nuke something by sheer accident

Okay, Mutt is absolutely awesome now I know what it's doing

Just need to go through and prune my emails a looooooot

Kind of wishing I could get CLI gmail to work better, arg. Come on...

TTS profanity and hilarity 

Looking it up, it wasn't much of a secret. It was described as, and this is the bit that has me full on hyena cackling over this

It was described as George Carlin's seven dirty words shouted by an angry robot voice. Which is, I'm sorry, but that is fucking hysterical to me, that is just an amazing description of it. You know how a Speak and Spell was? Yeah, imagine that with a sailor mouth swearing at you. That's what it sounded like, apparently, an I am laughing entirely too hard at this because I'm easily amused by tech fails.

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TTS profanity and hilarity 

Just heard this.

A children's typing tutor had a built in filter list of naughty words. And the company did not test it (apparentlyy, so the story goes)

So overflow the buffer and get rapid fire TTS sailor mouth antics. I went onto a Technology Connections vid and had to pause it I was laughing too much at the vid comments,

Makes me wonder how often that happens. I've not got a dirty mouthed TTS, nope, not me.

It's called Secret Writer's Society, and I'm not sure if anyone's done a full deep dive on it

There's nothing I really want this year or Christmas. That's a common thing. I'm all meh. I dunno what I want, stop asking me!!!

Seriously. Anyone else have that with people going so, what do you want? I dunno, then a day or so later they ask again?

It's just all, arg, no, I don't know! Don't ask me! Just, I don't know, get me chocolate or something!

Why do I have this stuck in my head right now?


You're all welcome by the way. I'm getting random snippets o Christmas songs stuck in my head, argh!

ah the adventures of getting Steam to work on Linux, apparently I'm missing something, I thought Orca read bits o it with a web UI?

Apparently, not. So what am I missing then, I've tried gamepadUI and tried the regular UI, with no luck. I'm waiting, Valve. I'm assuming Linux Steam A11y will be done after HL3 Ep 3 is out, and L4D3 and Portal 3 are 3 years ol at the same time

Steam, can you just, y'know work?
Didthe -login command line switch break or something? I mean...

I just want to play my games but nope, you decided to break on me. Alright, fine. I'll go and get distroboxes and use that since Steam on Arch is finnicky and odd, and flatpak breaks in new and interesting ways, and steamcmd doesn't like launching.

I just wanna play Slay the Spire, sheesh...

Alright, fine, GOG I'll give in to your demands. Give me something good this year? And...it' Skyrim.

I am just going to bang my head on a wall, thanks

Hearing 3000 football fans sing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau is absolutely amazing. However.

If you want tears in your eyes, chills down your spine...

Look up the rugby fans singing it, I don't care if it's the Six Nations, if it's the World Cup. Look it up and it will blow you away. Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau is an absolutely beautiful anthem.

How do cats get into the weirdest places?

I found Pixie asleep in the shower earlier and she stalked off in a huff when the door opened. I'm just confused and obviously not thinking like a kittenand

Docker is just determined to annoy me today.

Pulled an image. Now I can't find it to get it to start. Because that's a thing my system is doing now. Blargh, too light outside :/

Hopefully I'm not coming down with something. I'll take all the chocolate to eel better, yes please. And/or chicken soup

Why am I awake at 1:30am?

Oh right, took a nap earlier cause it was too cold. It's now colder. I'm now entirely awake, arg. I don't like you, winter. Go away!!!!

I won't pay £20 or Slay the Spire

I will pay £9 or three ebooks

Priorities. priorities!

Amazon. Why is your site so cluttered. I thought you were trying to declutter your stores not add more stuf to sell? I nearly misclicked and bought a sink instead of an audiobook.

I mean. That's one way to hint I think there's a new kitchen in the works...

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