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Imagine you're a visually impaired Mastodon user and your screen reader encounters a post that says something like "A stunning view I saw this morning" or "This is hilarious." But the image is the equivalent of what you see below: a blank. Wouldn't it be frustrating to encounter post after post like that?

Describe images. It's an act of love. Describe them as you would to a dear friend you were talking to on the phone.

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Did you know? If your body feels bad, like you feel you need a face wash, or you haven't drank water in a while, or you just want to sit down and have a snack or coffee. Feel free to do so. You don't have to keep working

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Friendly #Mastodon Tip of the Day 3

Filling in the text description for pics posted is really appreciated.

There’s a big community of visually impaired people here and doing it means they’re not excluded. (shame on you #Twitter )

If you’re on your phone, tap on the pic and start typing. On desktop you’re given a prompt.

It’s easy, fun to do, helps the community and increases your following.

🔃Reblog and follow me for more daily tips.

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Does anyone remember that cool version of "a Christmas Carol" where all of the characters were voiced by a different speech synthesizer? I still have it buried somewhere in the archives and I ***think*** I might even know who did it.

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The first computer bug was a literal bug.

To be exact, a moth.

On Sept 9, 1947, a moth got trapped in Harvard University's Mark II computer -- causing multiple errors.

This bug disrupted the electronics inside the Mark II.

Here's a photo of that first computer bug.

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The dream of an audio desktop with soundscapes. The terminal turns red when running sudo? Add a cautious tone to the gentle terminal soundscape. The website you're browsing is secure? Layer on a safe tone to the scape. Like this isn't just for blind people. Neuro-divergent people would probably like the constant feeling of the soundscape, and the ability to maybe simplify the visual interface, since all the icons for state, like battery status high, Internet connected, or even extra layers like RAM used, CPU usage, and disk space used. And those indicators don't have to be constant sounds, they could be sounds called up by a keyboard commands or voice commands. There are so many things that designers haven't tried with sound. But oh yeah terminal turning red, that's easy haha /s. Ugh. Ah well. Linux is made by the majority, for the majority. Oh but if I can code I can make it, right? Right? I just have to learn C, C++, Vala, Rust, GTK, QT, and so on. Oh and sound design. And GUI design. Yeah no. And then I'd have to be the one to maintain all that because no one else will. No one.

#foss #linux #a11y #accessibility #sound #SoundDesign

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Anyone with a display name that takes a screen reader more than 5 seconds to read should be forced to listen to it for 10 hours straight.

Luckily I see a lot less of that on Mastodon, but it still happens. Sighted people and their fancy unicode text.

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Just found FicHub, a site for downloading fanfiction off various sites. Was also delighted to discover that the entire project seems to be open source. I'll be testing this with VoiceDream; I suspect that since I have to deliberately click a link to download the resulting epub, it will work better than some other similar projects. fichub.net/


DECtalk is to Eloquence is what Duke Nukem 3D is to Doom.

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Are those of you here in the #Fediverse aware of the amazing resource that is https://mynoise.net?

Let me introduce you.

It has a medieval village #background #noise environment with toggles you can use to increase or decrease the blacksmith shop and market and horse clops (among many others).

Oh, you want a coffee shop? Sure thing.
Rain? Thunderstorm? Gotcha.
Generic white noise?
RPG thrills? Of course.
Tame that #tinnitus? Yes!

Check it out!

#soundscape #WorkSounds

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Massive Twitter data breach was far worse than reported, reveal security researchers https://9to5mac.com/2022/11/25/massive-twitter-data-breach/

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If PowerPC was fully expanded. Performance optimization with enhanced reduced instruction set computing performance computing.

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The week before Thanksgiving Twitter fires 4K workers, Amazon fires 10K workers, Facebook fires 11K workers, and Disney plans thousands of layoffs—all while US Billionaire pandemic wealth increased an absurd $1.7T.😳

A reminder that billionaires don’t create jobs—they exploit workers.

Tax billionaires. Unionize workers.

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"Regardless of what accessibility conformance level you target, do not arbitrarily open links in a new window or tab. If you are required to do so anyway, inform users in visible text." https://adrianroselli.com/2020/02/link-targets-and-3-2-5.html via @aardrian #UIDesign #IXD #a11y #links #wcag #tips

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Did you know that screen readers read out emoji?

Did you know your extra emoji flair in your username gets read out?

Yes that means you Joe Smith Nerdy face with thick horn-rimmed glasses and buck teeth red heart.”

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Seven years ago, a fellow named "MIDI_MAN" compiled 130,000 unique MIDI files by browsing a ton of sites, placing them into directories, and generally assembling years of MIDI music.

Now that collection (1gb compressed, 3.5gb uncompressed, 130,000 files for real!) is at the Internet Archive at this URL:


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I know I've been gushing about #Pinafore lately, but seriously, I can't get over how snappy this thing is. It loads super fast, moving between toots and timelines is super fast with a screen reader. And the preservation of focus when going back and forward is just an absolute delight. It's like all the amazing potential of the web is actually manifested in reality instead of the typical suboptimal web experience that leads people to say that native apps are always better.

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Here's an for a for or similar, or maybe and/or itself: Let me filter out all the posts that contain images that aren't described. I don't want them in my timeline. Thanks.

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