Sighted people tend to think that images are inherently difficult for Blind people to handle but nope — tactile graphics have been around in some form for centuries. Our actual barriers are avoidable image poverty, not getting enough exposure to get good; tough times getting training; expensive equipment; and inaccessible processes/interfaces. Cricut is just a couple of software button labels away from becoming a powerful lever to lift every one of those barriers.

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For any friends wanting to join the instance, it's been announced its full & now closed to new joiners. has been suggested as an alternative.

Hello, everyone. If you love mysteries, then this post is for you. Bringing people together for fun is my passion, and I adore mysteries. What better way than to marry the concepts and put together a fun project we can all take part in!
So, I'm not a techy person, so there's no fancy app. It's just an audio story with a couple questions thrown in for you to think about and discuss. This is part one, a demo if you will, of an interactive audio mystery I was inspired to create this weekend. It's not finished, but that's the idea, to gauge interest and allow community members to help build this story. Use the questions as a guide for discussion, and use the hashtag mentioned in the audio file if you want to join the fun!
I'll attach the audio to this post for east of listening, but the file is available at the following link, which also contains a transcript of the audio so everyone can participate. The level of participation will determine if I want to take this mystery any further. I do have school coming up so want to make the best of my time. Hopefully this will be a fun little quest for all of us!
Here's the link, and thanks for listening!

If you only use your social media accounts to repost awful news articles about awful people doing awful things, you're missing out on a great opportunity here to finally be happy and there's probably a good chance you're shouting into the void because you've been blocked/muted.

You have the chance to be happy on a social network for once, don't let the bad things in the world ruin it for you.

Talk, interact, socialize... you don't need to be a bot for the news corporations.

THERAPIST: How did you feel when you first realized you had a Gloria Gaynor obsession?

ME: First I was afraid. I was petrified.

Don't miss our Black Friday deals! Once they're gone, THEY'RE GONE! Well, at least until Monday, when our Cyber Monday deals will be basically the same thing. But once *those* deals are gone, that's it, no more deals. EVER. Well, until we extend our Cyber Monday sales for the rest of the week. But once that's over, seriously, no more! Until mid-December, when we launch our big pre-Christmas sale. But if you miss that, you're out of luck, because we'll never have a sale again. Well, not until...

Just found FicHub, a site for downloading fanfiction off various sites. Was also delighted to discover that the entire project seems to be open source. I'll be testing this with VoiceDream; I suspect that since I have to deliberately click a link to download the resulting epub, it will work better than some other similar projects.

So, I'm slightly curious about something. I used to believe Mastodon was spelled as Mastadon, until I saw later that it wasn't. I've been reading a couple CNet articles, however, and I'm noticing they're spelling Mastodon the way I spell it. Just how, exactly is Mastodon really spelled? I mean, this is something that could easily be answered with a google search, but it prompts discussion on accuracy. I used to type my handle with the incorrect spelling when I was on I of course corrected it when I noticed my error, but now I'm seeing these articles spelling Mastodon as Mastadon.
This article, for instance, discusses a mobile only alternative for the bird site. He spells it the way I used to, as Mastadon. :dragon_confused:

Hello everyone. I hope your Friday is going well. :) I enjoyed some time with Hubby, trying to show him how to use the braille E-Reader. It’s good practice for me, because next month someone is coming to my house so I can show her how to use hers. This lady has also recently been approved from a local community program who will give her a new IPad, and her family will soon be getting her an Apple Watch for Christmas, and because no one here knows how to set up her devices with voiceover, guess who’s going to be setting all these devices up? Yep, you guessed it. If I start teaching during my Master’s program, I’ll hopefully have enough patience in me before the metr runs out. :)
The sad thing about Hubby is he hasn’t used a braille writer in over 15 years, so he’s not even sure how to do the letters on this much smaller device. He knows what dots are needed, but locating them on a braille e-reader when he’s only used to a large braille writer is challenging. He finally admitted to me that he’d rather have a Mantis because he’s more used to the computer keyboard. That makes me a little sad inside. It’s an example of the devastating results of a lacking braille literacy.
Meanwhile, I’m humbly asking the universe to disable all the company computers who delight in flooding our inboxes with Black Friday advertisements. Anyone else struggling to keep their heads above water in the Black Friday River? :)
Other than that, just enjoying a quiet day with hubby and the furball. Thanksgiving dinner was a narrow success, owing to the casserole dish falling on the floor when about to go into the oven. Fortunately, 95% of the food was spared. Hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving.

"Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." is in order of most impact, but society discourages the first 2 and pushes the last bc it's the only one that is compatible with #consumerism and Capitalism.

A shame, since reduction and reuse are drastically more effective and don't perpetuate a system known to cause harm to the world. Really makes a person wonder why 'recycle' is on that list in the first place.


I'm thinking about starting an instance specifically for #drummers, would there be any interest to join?

#drums #drumming #drum #drummer

The minute and affordable and reliable laundry robot comes on the market, I am so getting one.

Mental illness 

Amongst the vast network of intertwining tunnels scientists travel to understand causes and cures for various diseases, there lies the largely misunderstood realm of mental illness What causes these illness? While there are so many factors, one stands out to me.
We live in a society that has been built on a power structure that governs with judgement and shame. For centuries, if people dared to deviate from the normal path, unintentional or not, they were condemned for their choices. Even when they were born with an affliction, they were still cast out. The unforgiving world we live in would rather stick its nose into the most intimate corners of peoples’ hearts, souls, and eventually, this begins to break down the well-constructed fortress of a sound mind. People begin to doubt themselves. Paranoia sets in. Anxiety takes over. What if I perhaps breathe the wrong way, wear the wrong attire, practicce an unacceptable ritual, say the wrong words? Years, decades, centuries under this constant power struggle begin to take their toal. Is it any wonder why so many people struggle with anxiety, depression and other disorders?
We’ve experienced so much in such a short period of time. The world has scene covid, political unrest at unparalleled levels, Russia’s war with Ukraine, and economic troubles, all in the span of 2 years. We are at a point where we’re starting to understand how all of this is affecting our minds. This is a gentle reminder to take this opportune time to focus all our energy not just on propper treatments for these disorders, but to really understanding how we got here in the first place. We can break this cycle and learn to accept each other with open arms, enjoying the diverse beauty of our planet, and appreciate each other’s unique interests and passions with joy. We have a possible treatment hat requires no prescription. Love *is* a cure.

Y'all know what, one of these days I'm gonna not be watching what I type and send people hogs instead of hugs. I just know it. So if y'all see some pigs just appear out of nowhere, blame me.

Loving reminder: that store clerk, that cashier, that gas station attendant working today -- they have families, too. So, maybe you're stressed about something you forgot for the big dinner or some family squabble, but don't take it out on them. Be kind. Be considerate.

Hi there, I’m new to this community. I am setting up this account as a safe place for me to discuss topics pertaining to LGBTQ+ people. I’m hoping to make a lot of friends here. I especially would like to find my fellow trans folx. I am just now beginning my transition and I’ll probably be talking a lot about the trans experience. I I also expect to be talking a lot about disability and accessibility issues as I am visually impaired. I’m so excited to start this journey with you! #trans #blind

an interesting and often overlooked fact (and important piece of disability and #accessibility history) is that "online shopping" was in fact pioneered in the 1980s by Tesco's & Ceefax, and primarily aimed at people who couldn't leave the house (as an accessibility device).

So much innovation comes from #a11y yet it’s regularly downgraded by people that own companies as being too expensive/time consuming.

Hello to all my audio recording enthusiasts. Today I noticed a couple of things while trying out some recording apps on the iPhone. The audio file will explain more. :-) Let me know if any of you experienced these issues while using headphones with some of these apps.

This year on Thanksgiving, please spare a thought for our friends in Ukraine who are sitting in the dark without heat and under missile fire.

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