So, I'd like to thank all the sighted people here on mastidon who take the time to describe pictures to us blindies. Most people on other social media sites wouldn't do that. I appreciate it so much

@fairyqueen91 I find it easier to remember given the prompt that appears at the bottom of the photo (Although I did forget one the other day).

I had turned on the Twitter reminder feature to include descriptions but it's definitely easier here on Mastodon! It feels like an inherent part of the post, rather than an add-on.

@TheWeeOwl will do butt you guys are doing a wonderful job. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Thank you again.

@fairyqueen91 Please forgive my ignorance & tell me how to do it. How much detail should be included?

@AustenMicrocosm i’m actually not sure how they do it, I believe that there is a text box for it though. I think it’s like edit text or add text when you add a picture. You basically describe what’s in the picture. That’s all. If usually up to the person how much detail they would like to add. As long as you describe the background, and what exactly is in the picture, would be good enough for me. I’m not really picky.

@AustenMicrocosm no problem! I do apologize. I’m getting so many notifications at once and it’s kind of hard to keep up. Lol I love it though. I’m not complaining.

@fairyqueen91 @AustenMicrocosm
I actually took a couple of screenshots yesterday to post for someone. I did web based and on Tusky.

The first one is web and the next two are on Tusky. Other apps may look slightly different, but you get the idea.

@fairyqueen91 @AustenMicrocosm when you post a picture there is a text box prompt added to the pic. Depending which app you use it’s different but all pretty self explanatory. Just briefly describe what you see. Use good punctuation etc so the text reader can pick it up properly. I’ve never done it before arriving here but do every time now. Such a small thing to be helpful xx

@AustenMicrocosm @fairyqueen91

It depends whether you’re on an app or on the webpage for your instance. For example, on MetaText the image will import with “uncaptioned” in the lower left. Click that and an edit box pops up to the left. You can type up to 1500 characters.

The amount of detail is up to you, but the more the better. I use it to get a bit poetic.

@wyldemusick @AustenMicrocosm yes! I love that. It doesn’t really have to be detailed. Not if you describe really well. That’s pretty neat!

@fairyqueen91 @AustenMicrocosm

Each app is slightly different — the Mastodon app doesn’t really prompt, but it’s in the lower left corner of the image. It’s very basic. In the web app it’s upper right, I think, in a menu.

@AustenMicrocosm @fairyqueen91 I'm kind of wondering the same. I try to make a bit of a story out of it and try being very precise, but I feel it's hard to hit the right note, especially with the photo's I showcase around here.

Would be very interested in comments on how to make things better!

@AustenMicrocosm @fairyqueen91 I'm sighted, but i try to give just enough detail to understand what the image is and why I used it. usually that's only a sentence or two. for example: "a photo of a white cat with blue eyes gazing at the camera through a window", or "a graph showing a sharp rise in the left-handed population over time which plateaus at 10% in the mid 19xxs". once I stopped overthinking it I realized it's not that hard: just explain what the image is to someone who can't see it.

@AustenMicrocosm @fairyqueen91 For those interested in learning how to add alt-text and content sensitivity warnings to their images, this is a helpful article:

@fairyqueen91 I think this was the thing that impressed me most when I joined here. I was used to doing the photo descriptions when I worked on a corporate website but this is the first time I have come across such encouragement to do so on any of my social media. The fact that the tools are already built in to remind and enable even the least techy of us us to add the descriptions is brilliant.

@Ellesby I totally agree. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of something like this. I am very impressed!

@fairyqueen91 it’s the first time I’ve done it and I’m actually enjoying thinking in a whole new way about what the picture shows. I’d also really like to know if there’s more I should be adding or details that I should focus on.

@JanFran as I said to someone else, I’m not picky at all. Just having it description itself is awesome! That’s why I don’t get on Instagram or stuff like that. It’s all pictures and or videos. I can’t tell what they are. So again, I really thank you guys for it.


Honestly the reason I put descriptions on pictures is because the prompt is there to remind me when I upload. For the last few months I was putting them on twitter too because I got in the habit.

@billyjoebowers @fairyqueen91 I find the way Twitter does it much more easy to forget to add a description as you have to click a button that says "+alt" (plus alt). Mastodon does this better by stating very clear "no description added". It's easier to get into the habit to add alt texts on Mastodon than it is on Twitter.

@fairyqueen91 I love it. Can you let me know if you are getting the descriptions on my photos? I don’t see that they are there!

@GreenishFinger @fairyqueen91 same with me, I put them on but can't see them or those on other peoples. I guess its because I use an android phone🤷‍♀️

@Beedazzled @fairyqueen91 I’m on iPhone so I’m not sure. If I know they are there that will be good though. I’m also trying to keep all my hashtags down at the bottom now too. I never knew how it affected things, and I’m all for the education!

@GreenishFinger @Beedazzled me too lol. I didn’t know that affected things either. Now I do.

@fairyqueen91 @Beedazzled I reblogged a post about it, I’m not actually sure of the specifics, I just know I want to get it right so it’s accessible and user friendly for all ☺️

@Beedazzled @GreenishFinger if you press on your own pic, a bunch of options should pop up. The top couple lines will be your image description (you can click on them to expand the whole description).

At least that's how it works for me - mobile website with Android

@emilylump @Beedazzled I see it on iOS website now thank you - just not on the main app (which is the only thing I’ve been able to use the last few days of the mad migration!)

@GreenishFinger @fairyqueen91 Depending on what interface you use (app or browser) you should just be able to hover over the picture and the description should just pop up.

@hchaddy how do you do what now? Describe a picture? Or what do you mean. I apologize.

@hchaddy oh, I’m actually not sure because I haven’t seen that text box. But I think there is something when you upload a picture. I don’t know though you’d have to ask someone else who has done it. I apologize.

@fairyqueen91 I don't mind doing this except when it's my own art. Then I'm like, "it's meant to look like...but it kind of doesn't." Or "it's a purple-blue textured chalky gradient background so the main subject isn't actually that clear." And I'm sure you don't want that! I also don't want to be inaccurate!

@Aite I understand! That’s why you just do what you can.

@fairyqueen91 haha yes. Maybe I need to swap alt text writing with other insecure artists!

@fairyqueen91 I have just been reading the guide to using Mastodon and saw this was a good way to describe the content of our photos. I shall do this from now on on any that I post.

@Merel From what i hear, it's below the picture you're about to upload. I don't really know though. There was someone who told you guys how to get to it, bu t i don't understand because it was like hover over the picture etc. That's more sighted. so i'm sorry that i can't help more...

@Paulos_the_fog I think it's called alt text and you basically just describe the pictures you upload. Just try to be as descriptive as you'd like. I'm not picky at all.

@fairyqueen91 I like to think of myself as having had a rebirth into this space. It has been largely welcoming, a bit daunting, but it feels like we're mostly equals here, so I am happy to learn and become a better person. This is social media without the bitterness. Long may this continue.

@fairyqueen91 I enjoyed writing the descriptions, hoping to improve as I go and selfishly it'll help me become more descriptive in my own writing ❤️

@fairyqueen91 I try to remember, so please forgive me the times I don't :)

@fairyqueen91 I have so much fun describing my pictures. It might be the author part of me, but I get into it.

@fairyqueen91 I'm happy too. My mother struggles with her sight, so I know how difficult it must be.

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