Today brought out some of the best, and absolute worst, of humanity.

Sometimes, I do love getting to write angry emails. My sign off of the day, "I trust that the emergent circumstances have brought into perspective the necessity of a satisfactory resolution."

Good morning. Presentation today on assistive technology in the workplace, and mainstream vurses specialised. I'd rather not have that debate, because it's so individual to the person,but oh well'.

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I suddenly remembered the existence of the phrase "please RSVP", chuckled a bit, then remembered "RSVP" is sometimes a noun

Tech, foldables 

How people don’t enjoy 2 in 1 devices is beyond me. Whether it’s a laptop turning into a tablet, an iPad with a decent keyboard and trackpad, or a folding phone.

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thanks for watching, dont forget to dislike and report the video

[im doing extremely advanced reverse psychology]
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this is a timeline checkpoint. drink some water

Why are so many radio stations moving to require you visit their website or download their app to listen. I don’t want to do that. I want to use the tools I already have available. Thanks.

Does anyone know how I can simulate something like universal clipboard with android and Mac OS? I thought about some sort of script with dropbox, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it.

The family all want phone upgrades. Oh how I wish I could get them all on the Fairphone train. Somehow I doubt it.

Translating API documentation from Chinese to English with only Google Translate is not how I wanted to spend my morning.

Using image recognition to complete an hcaptcha challenge because their accessibility solution sucks is an experience I would quite appreciate never having to do again. Anyone have any idea how I could automate something like this?

Can we all just agree that inapp browsers are bad. Thanks.

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Software will always have as many bugs as users will tolerate before switching to something else. Therefore, the higher the cost to users of switching, the more bugs the software will have. This is why companies tend to devote significantly more resources to maximixing the cost to users of switching than they do to software quality.

Good morning. The start of another day at work. Hopefully today I'll actually get productive things done

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Gotta love it when expiring-in-minutes 2FA codes show up an hour and a half after you needed them

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This is a reminder to take a deep breath and keep going.✨✨✨✨

Very much enjoying my switch to Android. I regret nothing.

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