woke up thinking I was late for work. Not today, thank god.

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Does anyone have experience with Refurbished items from Dyson? Refurbished by them.

Boost for reach please.

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can i get a "fuck fireworks, all my pals like peace and quiet" going in the chat

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the university of milan has released over four hundred meows for non-commercial and research purposes https://zenodo.org/record/4008297 (via https://www.data-is-plural.com/)

Hmm. My Mastodon advanced web interface is broken, so are most of teh keyboard shortcuts. This a bug with himetown or my browser?

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Hi, I'm Shay. I am totally blind. Pronouns are she/her. Hobbies include singing, gaming, language learning to name a few. Thanks for reading my short #introduction and I look forward to tooting with you.

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Today for , let's give you a demo of another plugin. This time it's ChipSpeech which lets you emulate a bunch of old speech synths and make them speak or sing. You can also use it to get some really cool glitchy sounds! piotrs.site/audio/audiomo21/25

Let us all welcome @shaysters to the world of the fedaverse. I Know @Mayana has a wonderful introductory thing that I've seen sent out, it is far better than anything I could send. :)

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"Must I return to my own world?"
"You helped save our world," the wizard said, "but you are not of it."
"I've learned your world! I fought, suffered, and triumphed!"
"We are grateful. But your greatest adventure awaits."
"What adventure?"
"Learn your own world, and help save it."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Thanks to @Mayana for introducing me to this poem (and highlighting the accessibility issues with poem formatting!)

I love the poem but I feel like it takes such a turn I can't even quote a bit without giving you the wrong idea about it.

The poet seems to use they/them pronouns too, which is cool!


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No Video Jam 2 gave me an opportunity to get back into making games. Here's my entry, an audio-only take on a collection of sports minigames with PS1 inspired audio. Available on Windows and Mac with full controller support. pitermach.itch.io/retrolympics

people who don't brush their teeth make me gag. Can we all be required to wear masks that block all outgoing air, and circulate it up to the person's nose thanks.

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early Internet 

I was reminded by a Youtube video that guestbooks on webpages used to be a thing.

Say what you will about the early Internet - which could be shitty in many, many ways - but there's something charmingly innocent about "random people will leave comments in your online spaces, and that will be a good thing, actually".

Not to mention that someone leaving a comment was noteworthy and meaningful.

I think we've collectively become so jaded in the age of, say, Youtube comments.

After much time, i'm back. Sorry to everyone who I vanished on without a word.

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#Debian has a new homepage - and I love the leading headline: "Debian is a #Community of People." Yes, it is also a Free operating system, but at a deeper level, the social contract reveals what it's really about: making the world a better place through software.

I have been a #Debian developer almost a quarter of a century now and I am glad to see these ideals continue to thrive.

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Hey, could I ask you for a favour?
I used to write flash fiction regularly, once upon a time, and I'd like to get back into it.
It might be a great help with motivation if some people went and read stuff on my website and left a comment? pls?

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