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I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.


Hold on, hold on... Is there an official pronunciation for GPT? Because I told it to write a limerick about itself, and even though it sucks, it kinda just... Suggested one. Is it guept, or jept?

There once was a model named GPT
Whose knowledge was vast and adept
It answered with ease
To any request, with ease
And never once did it neglect.

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And of course, because English spelling is what it is, GPT has absolutely no idea that meow does not, in fact, rime with low.

There once was a cat named Meow
Whose meows were so soft and so low
She purred all day long
And sang her sweet song
And made everyone's heart start to glow.

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Making ChatGTP generate Limericks and, well, it.. Kinda does it? The meter is a little screwy but the fact that it knows the general structure and can kinda replicate it...

There once was a lawnmower named Pete
Whose blades were so sharp, they couldn't be beat
He trimmed every lawn
With a smooth and even drawl
And made every garden look neat.


Finally actually doing this year's Advent Of Code. I think it's the first time I actually try doing the tasks on the day they come out and not like 2 years later. Started and caught up yesterday, and just now finished day 3. I wanted to do Ruby at first but I think JS will make more sense for me, and so that was my final choice. I should really be trying to optimize as much as I could and/or trying to make the code readable, but i'm just doing this for brain exercise so meh.

Casual "ableism" maybe? Mostly just ridiculousness and social ineptitude 

@guilevi @glaroc That reminds me of two stories of mine:
1. Giving a typical "Blindness 101" presentation to a group of teenagers at a school I explained how I manage public transport for everyday commutes. Got asked by one of the students whether I have been kidnapped already. On that one I thought: fair point, not like this couldn't happen at all but not something I think of everytime I go out.
2. Taking a long-distance bus home with 18 hours on the road, I came to the front during one of our refreshment breaks at 3 in the morning, tried to communicate to the conductor that I would need some assistance finding the toilets at the parking lot where we stopped, instead found the driver who advised me to stay as I'm clearly drunk. At first I wasn't sure who he was talking to, then I laughed at the sheer absurdity but in the end I was pretty angry. According to the TOS of that bus company, passengers under influence of substances should be asked to leave the bus at the nearest stop. Good luck figuring out your surroundings on the side of a random German highway. Thankfully the conductor boarded the bus, explained the situation and helped me as needed.

Casual "ableism" maybe? Mostly just ridiculousness and social ineptitude 

Went to my local M&S Food a couple of days ago. A couple of highlights from my so called """conversation""" with the person tasked with doing my shopping assistance:

- (right after I tap a couple of things with my cane while trying to follow her): Wow, this is fun! I hope I get to do your assistance more often, it'll be a good laugh!

- You're sweet! I'm sure there are a lot of nice people who want to help you! I'm a horrible person, and even I wanna help you!

- You're so brave for going out on your own! It must be really hard. There are people that would want to take advantage of you! There are so many drug addicts in London. Have you ever had any bad experiences?

- Watch out, there are a lot of drug addicts. (X7 throughout the whole conversation, not kidding)

Seriously 😂 My face must have gone through all the colors of the rainbow throughout the whole thing. I didn't know whether to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness or just spontaneously disintegrate of secondhand embarrassment. Sometimes it's dignity or food, and I choose the latter because I'm genuinely too lazy to try to change the ideas of people like this, especially when I'm going to see them once in a blue moon. I'll leave it to someone with more patience for humans.

OK, so I've got this idea of an activity I would like to try in order to do something fun and useful with my fedi-presence. As I research a lot about for the for our , I come across interesting good practice examples in different countries. The idea is that I post some of these in the form of an advent calendar starting tomorrow with one interesting fact a day. To make it look like a real calendar, I'll hide them behind a window that one needs to open in order to discover the nugget of knowledge for the day which, leaving the magic out of it, will be a simple content warning. If I run out of classic good practice examples, I'll just hide some interesting project, an app, article or anything that nurtured my intellect in this area. Let's see how well this will take off starting tomorrow.

A UNIX password generator in 63 characters:

LC_ALL=C tr -cd '[:print:]' < /dev/random | fold -w 16 | head -1


Blindness, more than slightly cynical 

Ah, Barcelona. How I missed you! How I missed your people grabbing for me when they think I need help getting around with no regard for personal space, without speaking a single word. Home, sweet home. Smile and say "thank you" like a good blindy.

Quick guide to http status codes

1xx wait a sec
2xx there you go
3xx fuck off
4xx fuck you
5xx fuck

Silly observation:
If I check the time with my Apple Watch and it's haptic time function at full speed, and the time is 2:02 AM, it kind of goes "ribbit... ribbit..."

You: Can I send you a DM?

Me: Sure

(doorbell rings, I go to open the door)

Man sitting on floor outside behind small cardboard screen with dice: At the bottom of the hill is the entrance to a spooky cave. You can hear orc voices inside. Do you want to go in?

If you wanna be my clerical collar, you gotta overheat with my doorknobs

El número 31 es primo.
El 331, también.
El 3331, también.
El 33331, también.
El 333331, también.
El 3333331, también.
El 33333331, también.
Y llega el capullo del 333333331 y es divisible por 17, tú.

Random (non-serious) complaining about way too many upcoming events in my life 

It's on! Just flew to Madrid. Let the madness begin! Actually the madness began when the person at the Pret in the airport decided to give me an almond croissant for free. I don't yet know if they keep doing this because I somehow always catch them at a good time when they have to get rid of stock (it was 7:00 AM so probably not) or because I'm blind (... meh) or something else.

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people look at the fediverse and think "this will never gain mass adoption." they are thinking about it all wrong. fedi isn't about posts going viral or gaining market share. the goal of the fediverse is simple: to find and kill god

There is a very famous website "Bleeping Computer". But when did you hear a computer actually bleep for the last time? They don't install internal speakers anymore and PCs don't bleep on BIOS initialization anymore. Sad and nostalgic.

I keep seeing lots of long-time #fediverse users saying 'don't favourite posts it does nothing' but actually when you favourite my posts it makes me smile and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I'm also really interested in what people have achieved in terms of DIY hearing augmentation - like, I've got bluetooth headphones so how much of a stretch is it to filter background noise using e.g. a mic and a small computer?

Context here being I'm pretty sure I have audio processing disorder and just being able to hear the person sitting across from me in a busy place would make going out much more fun.


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