captcha rant 

I honestly want to see every poorly implemented CAPTCHA treated as an ADA violation. I want to see Google get hit with a hefty fine every time someone with limited mobility or impaired motor skills or someone who is neurodivergent is prevented from accessing a web service in a reasonably timely manner. They'd be bankrupt in a day.

my friend who teaches kids, just schooled me on tentacles vs arms

So, was down to the 2 rock songs at least in the public votes this year. I personally preferred Finland, I kinda find Italy’s song a bit generic, but I’ll take it over Switzerland.

Language learning, anxiety when beginning to speak 

How does one manage to push themselves to start trying to speak a language they're learning? I know I won't improve just by writing, reading and listening. I know it won't work, and it doesn't. I love languages, and giving up is not something I want to do. But it took me five minutes to mentally prepare to start a practice call request on Lingbe, and the moment I didn't have the word I needed, my mind went "not responding" for a few seconds and taskkilled itself. The worst part about it is that, while it would help me to have a translator ready, I start pacing the moment the call connects and I cannot stay next to my computer.

When you spend so much time around computers that you accidentally type PCRE instead of PCR to refer to a Covid test.

Expats and how they are treated 

All of this to say that people need to stop being selfish. Say hi to people, even if ther eis a chance of them not understanding you. If they are interested in conversing further, they will make it obvious. Of course some may just want to do their job, and that's just as acceptable. But I wish people wouldn't be so quick to dismiss others because they look different and communicate with their peers in their native language.

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Long post, expats and how they are treated 

I visit their stores whenever I can and they have what I need. I help their small business, they get me what I need. Since I am unable to browse the shelves and pick things up for myself, I ask them to do it for me, and there is never, ever an issue.
Today is the third day I go to a Pakistani bakery two streets away by myself. I bought four samosas and, as an afterthought, asked the storeowner to throw in a couple of sweets as well. He only gave me the samosas. I paid for them and noticed right after. I apologized, politely told him I thought he had missed my second request. He immediately put the sweets in a separate bag and refused to charge me for them. I did everything I could to offer him what the items would have cost, but he insisted that it was a small gift. This is the second time this latter part happens at this store. All I do is ask them how they are when i enter, and ask about their product. Nothing more.

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Long post, expats and how they are treated 

I live in a part of town that most consider distasteful, and even slightly dangerous. A large part of the population was not born in this country and doesn't speak the local language. Many of the people are older folk and cannot learn it to a fluent level, and speak enough to survive. They open up little stores and restaurants whenever they can. A lot of us locals treat them as inferiors, and impolitely disparage the little language skill they have.
Being nice to them is not hard. Use simple vocabulary, limit slang, be a decent human. I try to do this, always. It pays off.
I wish more people would think about what their lives would be like if circumstances forced them to move to a country in a different continent, with a language fundamentally different from theirs, at an age where you can't just pick it up. Sure, not everyone's an amazing person, but I think most people just want to understand and be understood.

Question for folks who use screen-readers:

On a website or document, how would you prefer people to format a logical progression, for example in a software menu?

I often use the "greater than" symbol, like so: File > New > Text Document.

I've used in the past the arrow mad of two characters "->", but I suspect that might be appalling for screen-readers...

Which one(s) of these options do you prefer? Or something else as a reply if you want.

Boosts appreciated.

Request for help with cover art 

Sooo... Apparently Bandcamp requires cover art. I have never, ever in my life even considered that this could be a requirement. Therefore, not only am I unable to make any because blind, I also have absolutely no idea what I would want because I'm not sure what you would usually find in cover art to begin with. Does anyone have any ideas? All of my current music is on my Soundcloud (link in my profile).

What's the proper name for cheesy, rompler-y, corporate, very quantized music?

Second issue, account-based genre tag? Really? I'm sorry I haven't quite found my thing and my music is all over the place hahaha

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Aight soooooo time to look at this Bandcamp thing. First problem, should I literally just go by guilevi like I do everywhere or find a badass artist name? Yeah nevermind I'm bad at naming things let's goooo!

First post! Woo!
Don't worry. I promise that future contributions will be more substantive than "woo", because that's not much to go on.
I finally decided to check this place out. I hope to both make friends and slim down my typical posting style, since I know this community has a post limit.
Most who know me say I'm pretty friendly and not often prickly, so please don't hesitate to say hi.
For reference, I'm a social service worker in Canada who just got his college diploma last year, but I love what I've chosen to do and am trying to help make the world a better place. When life isn't quite so serious, though, I also love to read, write, play chess, play audio games and just hang out with people I like. I'm also a huge music nerd (I play piano, drums, French horn and melodica, and I sing); I can find something in almost every genre to like.
Okay, that's a start, anyway. As the muse dictates, I'll write more, and hopefully find a home here. Take care.

"I'm laughing historically," I type. you assume I meant hysterically. meanwhile, I chuckle heartily from within my time machine as I go back in time to assassinate Henry Kissinger

@guilevi I enjoy writing the image descriptions. I'm happy to help out those that need it and it's also like a fun little easter egg to those that don't and take the time to read the image description. Sometimes there's even a little more detail or a silly joke or something that isn't in the main post.

@lienrag Doing something nice for others does indeed require some non-zero amount of effort. Kindness and convenience seldom collide, and that is a good lesson to know.
So very many of the things you yourself enjoy were made with time just as unpaid as yours. Most of Wikipedia and plenty of other wikis out there, most open source software, a lot of educational content, vast quantities of art ...
I will not make an attempt to change your mind. But I am incredibly thankful that the people working on those do not feel the same about much more difficult tasks that you do about spending, at worst, a couple minutes.
@packbat @imagecaptionspls @guilevi

long-ish (~1400 chars) post about hashtags on Mastodon, and accessibility. 

@Leftcel_Infilitrator while @guilevi has already answered your question about how to describe images, I'd like to add some information about hashtags. :)

Hashtags on Mastodon are primarily used for content discovery. Most servers/instances only allow you to search for toots by hashtags as search for any text in the message (often referred to as 'full-text search') is resource intensive.

So, if you want people to find your messages while searching for a specific topic, having the right hashtags in your message is often the only way. Not just for finding other people's messages, but also finding back an earlier status you posted yourself.

What can help people with screenreaders when it comes to hashtags, is to capitalise ever word in compound hashtags; also referred to as camel-casing. For instance, rather than #accessibilitytips, write #AccessibilityTips, as some (most?) screenreaders will use that as a word-boundary hint, and thus allow them to pronounce the hashtag as individual words.

Whether to use inline hashtags, replacing the actual word, or to list them all at the bottom of your post, is a personal preference from what I understood.
If you use a lot of hashtags, I assume a summary at the end rather than inline is probably better, but since I don't use a screenreader myself, I'll defer to the expertise of those that actually do use them.

#accessibility #a11y #hashtags

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