Hi hello! Trying this Mastodon thing for real this time. Name's Guillem, main field of study is performance. In my spare time I make very much not classical , program a few , complain about , exercise my and nerdyness, and nerdyness in general, and talk to strangers on the Internet. I also have periods of obsessive and/or consuming video content. Actually i think my entire life is periods of obsessive something.
Aaaanyway, that's me! :)

@guilevi Welcome back to the Dragon's Cave! :western_dragon:
Some things have changed since you've last been around, so make sure to check the rules here:
I hope you have fun, and that you decide to stick around this time! :ms_smile:

@luka Hi, thank you so much for asking! :dragon_happy: Here's the link to my Soundcloud. I'll put it on my profile in a little bit. Let me know what you think, if you want! Hope you enjoy!

@guilevi oah, I really like 'That's a so nice!' do you have a bandcamp?

@luka Thank you!!! it was really fun to make. I don't have a Bandcamp just yet. Is there any particular reason why you asked / why I should consider making one, or something like it?

@guilevi I (any one who likes your music) can directly support you by leaving a buck or two aka buying your tracks. it's a 'fair trade music' platform.

@luka I really appreciate this. I will most definitely look into it this week! Feel free to also check out for some more sound design related goodies.

@guilevi welcome!

My favourite pianist is probably Vladimir Ashkenazy, especially Rachmaninov's Concerto #2 In C Minor , in the 2nd movement Adagio Sostenuto.

Although I do like Glenn Gould and don't mind his occasional humming. While I work, I listen to a lot of Bach and Handel, it seems to help me concentrate and not get in the way.

@dch Thank you!! :) I quite like Ashkenazy's playing as well, especially his Rachmaninoff of course. It's quite something.
Gould is of course a little weirder, but he definitely has his own little charm.
Those sound like really good background music choices, though I'd probably get lost in Bach's counterpoint before I got anything done. :D

@guilevi my brain seems to have 2 tracks. If I keep one occupied with the music the other one can get some work done. Weird.

@dch I actually have pretty much the same issue, though it tends to happen more with people talking or any other kind of background noise. I definitely work better when there's stuff going on in the background than in complete silence.

@PedroIzecksohn I am, and so are a few of the other users on my instance. :)

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