Three years ago, my bank managed to get me with their "young people first, all mobile app" branch. Because I thought it was cool, I like mobile apps, and I hate phone calls.
I regret that choice every couple of weeks, every time I need to do literally anything that is not checking my balance or my transaction history. Oh wait, I hate that last part too because THE APP SUCKS AND HALF THE TIME THE VIEW MORE BUTTON IS OBSCURED TO VOICEOVER AND THERE IS LITERALLY NO WAY TO GET INTO THE SCREEN OTHER THAN TURNING VO OFF AND TAPPING AROUND LIKE AN IDIOT.
Any time I need a bank statement, a signature, any kind of document, I need to call in or try to talk to their absolutely useless help chatbot. Which kind of defeats the purpose of a mobile bank, don'tcha think?

Thank you, CaixaBank Imagin.

@guilevi I know switching banks is a bit of a pain, but try BBVA if you can. I can't speak of the experience for blind people but the app is outstanding, so I wouldn't be surprised if they had good accessibility. ¡Un saludo!

@guilevi De hecho, aquí tienes su página sobre accesibilidad, por si te es útil:

Y perdón si sueno a vendedor.

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