Blog post: It's time! Vote for your top 10 holiday songs, receive an invitation to our holiday countdown and party where we play back the top 100

Did you know? Pumpkin pie became a popular dish during Civil War-era Thanksgiving celebrations because pumpkins were grown on small farms, not plantations, making the pie a symbol of abolitionist virtue.

Quick little tip: You don't need to use link shorteners on Mastodon.

All links on Mastodon count for 23 characters towards your limit, no matter how many characters they really are.

However, you need to include https:// at the beginning of links to make them clickable.

I’m #thankful for all of the volunteers running all of the #Mastodon instances out there who are trying to build safe, positive, productive communities. Who willingly give of their own time in addition to their family, work, and other obligations. Who put people before profit. Who believe that when we build bridges and connect with one another, we can accomplish anything together.

#thanksgiving #Fediverse

can we all just use #accessibility instead of #a11y to tag accessibility posts?

mastodon has a 500 character limit so its totally possible now to use the whole word instead of... well... 'a11y' which isnt actually accessible at all as a term?


Happy Thursday!! And happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. I hope, whatever you do, you have the best day today. :)

Come on. Please. I know you can do it. #Caption your #images. I've seen about 10 really #funny jokes boosted into my timeline without alt text so I won't share them. #Blind people should be able to laugh too! Share the #joke! Caption the image!

supporting the fediverse financially 

Seeing a lot of confusion about how people can support the fediverse and who people should donate to. Donate to Mastodon development? Your admin? Something else? This is what I think would be ideal:

Users should donate to their instance admins, there's often information about supporting your instance on its about page, check it out! Your instance bears the majority of the costs you as a user create day-to-day, so support it directly!

Admins should donate to the development of the project they're hosting, anything they can after expenses, after all your instance wouldn't be around without the software! This is why I sponsor Mastodon's main Patreon myself.

But, when you donate to Mastodon's general Patreon, you're primarily funding's server, not Mastodon development. If you aren't on, that simply isn't the best use of your donations. And absolutely $0 of that will ever go to supporting the instance you use every day.

Of course, give to whoever you want, it's your money, give to both even! But Users > Admins > Developers feels like the most sustainable funding model we should be promoting.

👏 Trickle 👏 UP 👏 economics 👏 baby! :catjam:

For those who aren’t aware, I direct an amazing Internet #radio project called #MushroomFM, with blind broadcasters from around the world. Twitter has played a big part in the way we engage with listeners. But after a lot of soul searching and a few long nights, today I let listeners know through our comms channels that Mastodon is now our primary social network.
I hope you like the explanation. As part of it, I tried to explain why I believe blindness projects like this actively supporting Mastodon is in the interests of #accessibility, #inclusion, and the #blind community.

As I go off to work on this relatively cold Wednesday, have a random thought. It’s also kind of a complaint. I’ve watched 8 episodes of this season on and only one of those had in it. Let’s get our act together, cbs. You can do better. That is all.

Not sure if Mastodon itself is being super laggy, if it's my instance or tweesecake, itself. So... testing?

I've launched a #Mastodon instance focused on #AudioDescription. This is a space where professionals and fans can come together to learn, advocate, and work together towards the goal of quality AD in all environs. The server is bare-bones right now, so your patience is requested as we build things out. You can also make an impact by boosting this news across your networks. To join, head over to
#blind #a11y #LowVision

Those of you who have known me a while know I have a policy of no Christmas music before December 1. However, I make one annual exception as necessary, and it’s that time of year again. Yes, it’s concert time!! Let’s go!!!

To all the people out there who need to be gently reminded, don't forget to drink some water, take your meds and take care of yourselves today.

You're worth the trouble. :)

*happy yips and paw waves*

I'm not blind or have impaired vision, so take this with a grain of salt (feel free to correct me), but people who put nondescript one sentence alt texts are almost worse than those who put no alt text.

At least if I'm about to boost a picture without, glitch-soc will warn me about it. If a picture has an alt text like "screenshot of my tweet", that's less than useless but it will slip through the alt text detector.

Write good alt text ffs. Describe the picture. Not a title or a TLDR, a proper description. If it's text, copy the text into the image description. If it's selfies, don't write "a selfie of me", describe your selfies. Describe film scenes, descripe paintings, descripe charts and infographics. You have, on this instance at least, 1500 characters to describe your pictures. Do it.

And if 1500 isn't enough, you can add a second picture to keep describing it.

#feditips #accessibility #alttext

Strange thing I'm seeing in . When you go to someone's profile with command+shift+U, the follow button is not dimmed if you're already following them. When you press it, it becomes dim, but if you exit their profile and go back into it then the follow button is still clickable. Not sure this can be fixed, but I hope so.

It's been a great first week on . I've loved connecting, reconnecting, learning from everybody, etc. I look forward to sticking around and staying active here. Now though, I sleep. Work in the morning.

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