mentions of nazi ideology 

This whole city has a lot of former nazi things in it. There’s apparently a school nearby which used to be a labor camp for women.

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mentions of nazi ideology 

. The street I currently live on used to be named after the guy who wrote the official anthem of the NSDAP, the German Nazi Party that Hitler was the leader of.

TTS profanity and hilarity 

Just heard this.

A children's typing tutor had a built in filter list of naughty words. And the company did not test it (apparentlyy, so the story goes)

So overflow the buffer and get rapid fire TTS sailor mouth antics. I went onto a Technology Connections vid and had to pause it I was laughing too much at the vid comments,

Makes me wonder how often that happens. I've not got a dirty mouthed TTS, nope, not me.

It's called Secret Writer's Society, and I'm not sure if anyone's done a full deep dive on it

At this point, I don’t even know how Poland is doing in the soccer World Cup. That’s what living alone did to me. At this point, I don’t even miss watching the news.

There is also this other annoying tendency, where once people decide someone is bad, that person becomes literally nothing but pure unrestrained evil in their eyes. How are we meant to create a system built around restorative justice when we literally cannot entertain the idea that people are more than their literal worst moments. People also have this tendency to decide that anything fucking goes the moment they have decided that someone is bad, and are completely fine with engaging in some of the most bigoted harmful shit against someone so long as they are one of the "bad" people.

Ale ciekawe jest nie tylko to, że blokują, bo zasadniczo co komu do tego, a że zachęcają innych do tego samego.

„Sygnalizujcie te same wartości, co my.” Albo wpierdol. :D

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OH: "Nobody has spent more on a dead bird this Thanksgiving than Elon Musk."

Lawful Good: language redirect via Accept-Language.
Chaotic Good: language redirect via IP address.
True neutral: website only has one language.
Lawful Evil: block foreign IP addresses.
Chaotic Evil: website is unusable for foreign and multilingual users, as their requests are redirected to a useless demo script, initially coded by the programmer for testing, and later everyone just forgot about it.

@MarilynPF You never see misfortune cookies, like

"Your boss will take credit for your hard work."
"The light at the end of the tunnel may be an oncoming train."
"A journey of a thousand miles is sure to give you blisters."
"Impending doom lurks right behind you. Don't look!"

I've seen some nice guides on how to write a good image description, but here's my strategy:

Imagine you're busy while your partner's scrolling Mastodon nearby. Maybe you're washing dishes and they're on the couch, or you're driving and they're in the passenger seat. Your eyes are busy. You can't take the time to look at their phone, but they laugh at something, or say, "Oh, that's neat!" You ask them what it is.

How would you want them to describe that image? 1/2

#accessibility #a11y

Am I the only person who, when I have someone talking to me, especially online, wants their full attention? I struggle when I'm talking to someone and they're off doing something else. If you're going to talk to me, actually talk to me. I don't wanna sit around while you do something unrelated. That wastes my time.

I’m seeing the same few posts boosted over and over on Mastodon. This didn’t happen on Twitter. Either there’s a bug in the boost deduplication logic somewhere, or @app doesn’t implement something properly. It would be great if we could get this kind of deduplication done client side.

Writing in one language while simultaneously talking in another never ends well

Is there a way to checks what instances are defederating a specific instance, or, more importantly, which followers I would lose when migrating?

Popularne wyzwisko na polskim Mastodonie: „Ale z ciebie trąba!”.

I have an interesting relationship with linear timelines. I definitely enjoy them on social networks (think Twitter / Mastodon), but I can’t imagine something like linear Youtube ever working for me.

Can somebody explain the purpose of defederation to me? I genuinely don’t understand why the concept exists. What does defederation give you that removing an instance from public timelines and restricting mentions wouldn’t? The only difference seems to be that if I, as a user, willingly choose to engage with content on such an instance, I’m prevented from doing so, and same with users from that instance who want to interact with me, even with my explicit consent. Apart from that, users who aren't willing to engage with content from such a problematic instance don't seem to be affected. As a person living in a post-communist country that had its fair share of censorship in the past, this makes me very, very uneasy. What am I missing here?

#BlackMastodon Batman is the worst superhero in the world, and I'm tired of pretending he isn't. Here are my top 10 reasons:

10) The Wayne's are the richest family in the most corrupt city in the world, so what does that tell you? His family wealth comes from old money, so I'm pretty sure his ancestors exploited natural resources, busted unions and did some other shady "Daniel-Plainview-There-Will-Be-Blood" shit.

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