I wrote this three years ago:

“One day, Twitter and other publishing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Medium will indeed die, like so many sites before them. And every time this happens, we lose most of the content we created and with it a fair amount of our collective cultural history.”

Own your content.

Publish on your own site.



@arush @matthiasott Sites die too, though, and it’s likely that Joe Shmoe’s random little website will literally die when he does. Same with fediverse instances. A commercial service with a well-paid crew managing it has a much better chance of survival than a $5 Linode VPS managed by one person. If you host your own site, you have to consider what happens when you die, teach your kids / siblinks / parents to renew your domain in perpetuity, ensure that they have all the credentials they need to do so, ensure they’re willing to hire somebody tech-savvy enough to maintain your server (if they're not tech-savvy themselves) and so on. Also, you can still lose your content due to mismanaged backup strategies and faulty backups, or lose your domain when your domain-granting organization disagrees with what you do, when your card expires at an inopportune moment etc.

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