Having a good day. Made about five or six beats today LOL. Going to release a couple today. If any of you want my SoundCloud I can post it.

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Me (browsing through the tilde.pink user list on Gemini): Oh, here's a person.

> [2021-03-03 Wed]

Me (thinking): Oh hey, this person must be using Org-mode! Or at least, using the good org-timestamp-inactive function.

(goes to "things that I like" link)

> - Emacs and Vim
> - Plaintext

Me (thinking): Emacs and that other thing. Oh and plain text right below it! Yep, I definitely chose the right community!

Good morning everyone. Just had the best sleep in the world LOL.

Took a lil break from mastodon but I’m back babyyy!

Are there any dfree and open source screen readers for linux. Wanting to switch to ubuntu soon.

Do any of you all know any decentralized messaging apps for iOS? I tried the element client today it was not working for me.

Hello. So this is my . I am a blind computer programmer and app developer. I also love making beats and listening to music.

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