What is the plural of apocalypse? Apocalypses? Apocali?

Spellcheck seems to think it's "apocalypses." Guess that settles it.

Ugh, resumes and cover letters are hard. How do people do this regularly? I'm fortunate enough to have a decent chunk of savings and modest benefits, but I'd go crazy if I regularly had to churn out well-written cover letters and nicely-formatted resumes that have zero bearing on how well I can code or design. I get that this is just how it is, but disregarding candidates because they're better at development than sales seems pretty dumb IMO. Glad I'm not yet doing this out of desperation, for a job I need to pay bills and eat. Hope it never gets to that point again.

We have a low of 1 degree on Monday.

I didn't know those came in singles. 1 is not a temperature. It's a shitty game of baseball, not a temperature. I can't even...

Related: I'm applying for Discord's senior developer/accessibility position. Would appreciate whatever good thoughts, finger-crossing, knocking on wood, etc. you could do on my behalf. I obviously still want Matrix to succeed, but we need access to communities more than ever right now. Glad that Discord succeeds better at Slack for this, and I'd love to join the team there.

Meanwhile, I hate the "make it look good" dance, which is the reason I don't have a current resume. At least I have a sighted partner to help with that, but bleh do I still dislike the process.

Is there an updated "Using Slack with a screen reader" blog post out there somewhere? Trying to use the desktop app, but it seems like a bigger pile of inaccessible than the big pile it already used to be. As in, there's now a big ol' `role="application"` in the interface, I guess because someone thought it'd be cool to have bruh, and I can't find the chat nor can I get the "move to next/previous item" keystrokes to work. Ugh this is such a flaming dumpster fire of toxic waste.

Starting on a new game with a new engine. Nice when I can actually work on features without first missing 2-3 foundational pieces, and oh hey look, these two things you thought were working aren't so hot after all...then a week later,

That feeling of accomplishment and mild dread when you finally create an AI complex enough to pursue you through a maze, and hear its echoing footsteps and opening doors as it stalks you in the distance...

Oh thank god, Discourse is apparently about to get more accessible with screen readers. meta.discourse.org/t/discourse

Walked back my offer to help build audiogames.net 2.0. Would love to see it happen, but don't have the bandwidth to start a business, navigate a global pandemic, and deal with half a dozen Brads stirring shit and threatening to leave every other week because they don't have a better mental health outlet. Sad, because I think something like it is needed, but I don't have time to be anyone's dad right now.

Ok, may have figured out refreshing, pull-down seems to work. Testing now, but still can't find any place for direct messages.

In Tusky, how do I refresh timelines? Tusky’s interface is nicer but its timelines are outdated. Also, does it not support direct messages?

I just volunteered to help build a better, saner community of blind gamers for when audiogames.net ultimately bites it. Someone hold my beer.

So say I search for a hashtag I'm interested in. Looks like that adds a column to the interface, which I can then pin if I want updates on that timeline. Is it then possible to sync that pin to other devices, so I can set things up on my desktop and scroll through interesting posts on mobile? Not immediately seeing it but unsure if that's because it isn't possible or I'm missing it.

And here I am from Tusky. Nice, slick interface. I appreciate the lack of ads and promoted tweets gumming up my timeline and making Twitter far less accessible and useful on mobile.

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